Why 2022 will be the Chicago Bears year

2018 was the last time the Bears had a 10 plus win season. The Bears still have a lot of talent from that team. They also added some new talent. I think 2022 could be the year for the Chicago Bears.

Justin Fields will be entering his second year. If he jumpstarts the offense, this team can be very successful. I think that’s a likely scenario with Fields. He’s everything you want in a quarterback. He’s mobile, he’s got a great arm, he’s smart, and he’s a leader. When Jay Cutler and Mitch Trubisky were in their second years with the team, they both lead the Bears to 10 plus win seasons. Year 2 Justin Fields will breakout and help the Bears reach the playoffs.

The Bears still don’t have a lot of holes to fill on the team. In free agency, if you can sign a solid cornerback, re-sign Allen Robinson, and maybe add an inside linebacker and more offensive line help, this team is a Super Bowl contender. You still have Khalil Mack, Roquan Smith, Eddie Jackson, Jaylon Johnson, and hopefully Akiem Hicks if they re-sign him. On offense they have guys like Darnell Mooney, and David Montgomery who are playmakers. The Bears are stacked with talent that can take them places.

Coaching wise, it’s still in question if Matt Nagy will be the coach. If he is I think it will be beneficial to the team. Everyone is familiar with Nagy. Justin Fields will have a year under his offense. I think it’s wise to keep him. Unless they have a terrible year, or Fields has a bad rookie season. New defensive coordinator Sean Desai was a great hire. He coached under Vic Fangio, and he’ll bring a similar scheme to the one they had in 2018 that was so successful. Desai is well liked among the players. He’ll prove that he was a good hire, and get the Bears defense rolling.

2022 also presents an easier schedule. They play the NFC East, and the AFC East. Two divisions that haven’t been successful as of late.

Why not 2021? It’s still very possible the Bears can succeed. Although they have a very tough schedule. One of the toughest in the league. They also have Andy Dalton at quarterback, and Justin Fields in his rookie season.

Not to worry. 2022 I think the sky’s the limit. It very well could be the Bears year to make it back to the Super Bowl. It’s still very early, but the future is bright in Chicago!

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.