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The Worst City for NFL Gameday? The Windy City, Of Course!

Say it ain’t so... Chicago is the worst city to take in an NFL game?

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NFL: AUG 03 Chicago Bears Training Camp Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Those who have attended NFL games in Atlanta, East Rutherford, or Nashville can officially brag about having a top-tier experience, if you ask The Action Network. The good folks over there comprised an index ranking NFL gameday experience by the city, and the Falcons, Jets/Giants, and Titans topped the board.

The index was created by inputting factors such as ticket prices, parking, and concessions, then where people watch the games and stadium features. Stadiums which host multiple teams such as MetLife Stadium (Giants, Jets) and SoFi Stadium (Chargers, Rams) were given a small boost as well.

The full results list can be found here.

So which city came in last on this list? Chicago, home of Da Bears.

Of course we’re biased in our evaluation of Chicago (and the suburbs) on gameday. We’re watching the best football team on the planet play in one of the largest cities in the country. We’re grabbing a beer and a brat and doing our best not to spill on our gameday jersey. We’re loving every second of Sunday.

With the factors inputted by The Action Network, though, it’s not a totally unfair ranking.

Ticket prices? Sheesh, hopefully you have a family member with season tickets you can buy from.

Parking? Might as well take the train into the city.

Stadium capacity? By far the lowest at 61,500.

Still, walking by the statues of George “Papa Bear” Halas and Walter “Sweetness” Payton on Sundays makes you forget about all that other bull. It does make one wonder where Arlington Heights would land on the index.

What are your thoughts on them having Chicago as the worst NFL city?

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