Attention Soldier Field tailgaters, I need your help!

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

I have a few questions I'd like to ask Chicago Bears fans that frequently hang out at Soldier Field during tailgating hours on game day, or those of you that actually partake in the festivities themselves and set up a nice pre or post game spread.

It's for an article I'm working on right here at WCG and I'd like to be able to quote a few of our members in the article. I could also reach out to fans on Twitter, but I wanted to feature some of our regulars if possible.

If you'd like to be considered just shoot me an email at wiltfongjr@gmail and I'll respond to you with a few questions on some basic stuff like; What’s the tailgate vibe in the parking lot, any favorite hangout spots, what kind of food/drinks are most prevalent?

I've never done the tailgate thing so I need some help!

Bear down.

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