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Bears vs Bills: Chicago’s best player will be?

Chicago Bears Training Camp Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears host the Buffalo Bills this Saturday at Noon (CT), and both teams come into the game after winning their preseason opener. While last week had the Justin Fields buzz surrounding it, because we all knew he’d get in after a couple series, this week it has already been announced that the earliest Fields will get in is mid-way through the second quarter.

But doesn’t mean there isn’t a QB-centric storyline to follow, because by now you all know that Buffalo will be starting ex-Bear Mitch Trubisky.

Things could get interesting while Trubisky is in the game, and I’m curious to see what the Bears throw at him defensively.

I asked the WCG staffers to give me their prediction for Chicago’s preseason MVP in tomorrow’s game. Last week only one of our guys nailed his pick with ECD correctly predicting Justin Fields as the MVP against the Dolphins, so let’s see which Bears we’re guessing this week.

“I think Jaylon Johnson is going to really go off in the supposed Trubisky Revenge Game. Johnson has been making tons of plays in camp, and he’ll come away with at least one interception along with a few PBUs.” ~ Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter

“First, I gotta give the score: Bears 74, Bills 0. The MVP of the game is going to be... Trevis Gipson. The young man will have his breakout game this weekend and spend some quality time (at least for Chicago) with his old teammate Mitchell Trubisky deep in the Bills backfield” ~ Ken Mitchell

“Give me Khalil Herbert. There’s no real sense in working veteran running backs in the preseason, so Herbert naturally will get a lot of playing time, but I get the sense the Bears really like this guy. With Tarik Cohen needing more time to get healthy, I expect the Bears are playing Herbert in the preseason with the intent of making sure they can count on him in the regular season. I think he shines again this week.” ~ Jeff Berckes

Joel Iyiegbuniwe, and I have no reason for this, other than hoping that I get to hear the announcers struggle with both his first and last names. Still, it would be nice if the guy could pull off a fumble recovery or something.” ~ Josh Sunderbruch

DeAndre Houston-Carson should get plenty of reps and I think someone is going to pick off Trubisky and maybe even give a little post-game ‘We know who is’ shot (Not condoning that, personally) and I think DHC is the one who could get the pick.” ~ Sam Householder

Sam’s pick last week ended up getting cut before the game, so if something happens with DHC then we’ll need to check about a Householder curse.

Kindle Vildor is at an unsettled position and that could lead to a significant snap count in this game for a young player that’s impressed, but still has a lot to prove. I’d expect at least some crossover in his playing time with Trubisky, and maybe there’s some familiarity with tendency from last season that proves advantageous for Vildor. Let’s even softly pencil in an INT for the prospective CB2.” ~ T.J. Starman

“While rookie Khalil Herbert saw the majority of action in the game against the Dolphins, with the most carries (6) and second-most receptions (3) for the Bears, the early reports are that the team will give Andy Dalton more time against the Bills and he should have more NFL-ready running backs to draw attention away. Monty won’t be a workhorse in a preseason game, so look for Damien Williams early and often as a wheel-route and screen-pass playmaker out of the backfield. The 29-year old running back opted out of the 2020 season and he’s on a very team-friendly deal. Get him out there in Cohen’s absence.” ~ Jack Salo

Duke Shelley is fighting for the nickelback job, and I would expect him to get plenty of action against Mitch and maybe even Buffalo’s third and fourth string QBs, Davis Webb and Jake Fromm.” ~ Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.

Who do you predict will be the game MVP for the Bears against the Bills?