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BreakingT has some fresh new Bears shirts and hoodies!

Some officially licensed by the NFLPA shirts and hoodies from our friends over at BreakingT!

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By now you guys know all about the fresh Chicago Bears inspired t-shirts and hoodies from our friends over at BreakingT. They debuted four different designs shortly after the NFL Draft featuring brand new Bears quarterback Justin Fields. That was just when the buzz was starting to build over the number eleven overall selection, and you guys went crazy getting some gear.

With the 2021 NFL season kicking off in just a couple weeks, they’ve debuted two more shirts that they feature in their Chicago Football Collection, Khalil Mack’s Mack Attack, and Allen Robinson’s Mr. Reliable. You can check out the whole collection right here.

The thing that sets BreakingT apart from some of the other shirts you see floating around out there is that BreakingT’s apparel is officially licensed by the National Football League Players Association.

With the NFLPA stamp of approval you know you’re getting something the players all are on board with. Their shirts and hoodies are available in youth and adult sizes that go all the way up to 3X!

Check out the full Chicago Football Collection right here.

WCG has partnered with a few entertainment providers and apparel manufactures for special offers just for our readers!

Bears gear!

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  • BreakingT has a brand new Chicago Collection featuring Justin Fields, Allen Robinson II, Khalil Mack, and more. All their Bears stuff is officially licensed by the NFLPA and you can get your gear right here.


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