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Bears vs Titans: Predict Chicago’s preseason MVP

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Chicago Bears Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

Last week none of our WCG staffers correctly predicted that Rodney Adams would be the Chicago Bears preseason week two MVP after his exciting go-up-an-get-it catch and touchdown run against the Buffalo Bills. His 3 grabs for 89 yards and that TD stood out in a lackluster effort all around from the Bears.

Let’s check in on who we’re picking to be Chicago’s MVP in the preseason finale against the Tennessee Titans, and let’s all hope for a better game than what the Bears gave us last week.

With news that Justin Fields was named the starter, you’d be correct in assuming most of our team went with Fields, so let’s get the obvious out of the way early.

Robert Schmitz: Justin Fields is the Bears’ starting QB and he’s undoubtedly their MVP.

ECD: Justin Fields. All the way.

Sam Householder: I mean, really, no one is going to talk about anything other than Justin Fields, whether he plays poorly or not (I wouldn’t expect the latter though).

Ken Mitchell: Justin Fields. Because Justin Fields.

Josh Sunderbruch: I mean, if it’s not Fields at this point there might be a small hope implosion on the lakefront, so let’s go with him for the sake of the Shedd and the Field.

Robert Zeglinski: Justin Fields is starting and I finally care about a Bears exhibition for the first time in 15 years. No one else is a reasonable answer that can be taken seriously.

Jack R Salo: I really think Nick Foles is going to play more of this game than *takes tomato to the face* oww what the *one tomato to the stomach and one to the groin* OK OK IT WILL BE JUSTIN FIELDS!

T.J. Starman: It’s obviously the Justin Fields show and he won’t disappoint in what should be a great showcase of his talent. But my bold prediction: Brian Johnson. The young leg kicks his way into another city, impressing league scouts enough to reap the Bears a 7th round pick in a deal that sees Johnson take over for an injured veteran on another roster.

And now to the oddball that didn’t predict the Bears’ rookie would be the MVP on Saturday.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: I have a feeling the first half will be a very run heavy, check down sort of night for the offense, which will lead to very pedestrian numbers for Fields. So I’m picking Ryan Nall to go over a hundred yards with a TD to take home MVP honors.