5 Things I Noticed from Preseason

1. Justin Fields

Justin Fields has lived up to the hype when the Bears drafted him 11th overall in the draft. Justin Fields' stats were impressive in the preseason by going 30-49 for 276 yards with 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. Fields did this without the help of many of the offensive weapons the Bears have. The touchdown pass to TE Jesper Horsted in the final preseason game against the Titans shows how impressive the rookie is and the new skillset available at the quarterback position the Bears have been lacking in for a long time. Although Fields will not be starting right away, the Fields hype train has long left the station and it will only be a matter of time before Fields is the starter.

2. Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton's preseason didn't have the highlights that Fields had but some of that was due to little playing time and not having all the starters on the field. Dalton's play is already being criticized and going forward any mistake he makes will let the "Let Fields Play" chants get louder. Dalton knows that his tenure with the Bears will be a short one, no one is expecting him to be the starter going forward (just look at the 1-year deal) but the better he plays, the Bears will benefit greatly. The more time Fields can learn and get ready for his time will help ease the transition from college to the NFL. Although everyone wants Fields now, we should give Dalton a chance because the long-term benefits of Fields sitting for a little can be huge.

3. Offensive Line Troubles

The Bears' offensive line doesn't inspire confidence in me. Throughout the preseason we saw the offensive line get beat and lack consistency. The signing of Jason Peters confirms the unease of the offensive line in Chicago. To be fair, the offensive line did have a lot of injures in training camp which could have resulted in the inconsistency. With the offensive line getting healthier, the Bears' offensive line will be thrown into the fire against the Rams' defense led by Aaron Donald. Time will tell if the offensive line can live up to the task of protecting the team's quarterback.

4. Secondary Blues

Besides for Jaylon Johnson, the Bears' secondary gives me pause due to the salary cap casualty of Kyle Fuller. It will be up to the defensive line to help the secondary in the regular season as the secondary group tries to live up to the usual high expectations for Bears defenses.

5. Preseason Standouts

Lets give a shoutout to TE Jesper Horsted for that 3 TD performance against the Titans. Also, WR Rodney Adams has played well enough to hopefully make the team. Lastly, the play from LB Trevis Gipson has been great so far in the preseason. Did Pace find another gem in the 5th round? Time will only tell.

This was my first written article ever. Any feedback will be greatly welcomed. Also, I have a Twitter account at @chibearsinfo. Thanks for reading.

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