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Chicago Camp Recap: Bears are ‘fricken’ ecstatic’ with Justin Fields so far

We check in on some of today’s Bears practice (8/5/21), but also get some inside juice on Justin Fields.

NFL: Chicago Bears Training Camp Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

If you aren’t fired up as a Chicago Bears fan with all the positive buzz emanating from Halas Hall about rookie quarterback Justin Fields, then you’ve really got to be making an effort to stay salty. Fields hasn’t been flawless in camp, but he’s regularly making wow plays, and everyone that has reported on his performance believes he’s the real deal. That’s from the local beat guys, the national media, and even the fans that have been sharing their thoughts via social media.

From the moment he was a Bear, Fields has done everything you’d expect a franchise QB to do. He’s put in the work, he’s put in extra work, and he’s talked the talk. He’s displayed leadership skills, but he’s also accepting the mentorship from veterans Andy Dalton and Nick Foles.

On a recent Get Up segment on ESPN, NFL analyst Louis Riddick shared some stuff that he’s been hearing from the Bears about Fields.

His relationship with Bears head coach Matt Nagy is well documented, so that’s his obvious source, but he’s likely hearing it from others inside Halas Hall as well.

Riddick talks glowingly about all the things Fields has shown the Bears so far, saying “that improvement that he’s (Fields) making every single day has them, I can tell you this, it has them fricken’ ecstatic.”

As fun as it has been for Bears fans watching the Fields situation develop, it’s also worth noting that the starting quarterback has had a damn good camp as well. Andy Dalton has a firm grasp of the offense and he’s been getting the ball to his receivers on time all camp long.

Fields will eventually take over as the starting quarterback for the Bears, but the best thing would be for it to happen organically. When it’s time, it’s time, and everyone will know it.

Let’s fire through a few training camp highlights from this morning’s practice courtesy of Twitter.