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Bears Training Camp Recap for August 6: Another nice day for Justin Fields

The Bears may have been short handed, but there were still plenty of plays being made at Halas Hall.

Chicago Bears Training Camp Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

I could get used to this.

So far, through about a week of Chicago Bears training camp, the praise for the quarterbacks has yet to cease. Both Andy Dalton and Justin Fields have been making plays all over the practice field at Halas Hall, and while I expected the veteran Dalton to be consistent and professional, I honestly wasn’t expecting the daily reports of Fields shining.

I figured he’d flash here and there while also taking some lumps, but even the occasional interception just feels like a teaching moment that he’ll quickly file away to learn from and grow as a player.

Today was no exception as Fields did throw a couple picks, but he also moved the ball and displayed a good command of the offense during their live sessions. It’s worth noting that Fields was running the number two offense against the Bears number one defense during their scrimmaging.

The Bears had former head coach, offensive coordinator, and quarterbacks coach Doug Pederson in at practice to work with the QBs, but reports indicate it was just a one time thing.

Wide out Darnell Mooney has been one of the biggest recipients of the solid QB play thus far, with tight ends Cole Kmet and Jesse James getting plenty of love too, but some of the unheralded guys like Jon’Vea Johnson and Rodney Adams have been popping up on my Twitter feed too.

With the pads on for the first of three consecutive days, several players on defense got to shine too, with Roquan Smith, Kindle Vildor, and the defensive line all getting some buzz today.

The Bears shared some highlights via their YouTube channel.

And here are a few observations form those at camp from the Twittersphere.

Also, a public service announcement...