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Sean Desai wants all the turnovers!

This is a must watch video of Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Sean Desai mic’d up.

So do it now.

I’ll wait...

Desai brings the energy in the segment, and judging by all the praise that he’s received since being named Chicago’s new D.C., I’d say he wasn’t just hamming it up for the cameras. His passion is genuine and he’s already making an impact with Chicago’s defenders. The players are excited to get into his defensive scheme and excited to dunk all the turnovers in the turnover bucket.

The defense started out training camp with that blue one on wheels, changed to the basketball hoop, but after one day that rim got wrecked.

What Desai can do with the Bears defense — in getting back to more of a Vic Fangio style of play — is my favorite non Justin Fields story to monitor this offseason, and I’m predicting a big year from him and the players.

For an interesting breakdown on the Fangio system you can click here.