Bears passed on Brady 7 times

Michigan Wolverine quarterback Tom Brady was drafted #199 overall during the 2000 NFL Draft. Bears de facto General Manager Mark Hatley passed on Brady no less than 7 times in favor of:

  1. New Mexico MLB Brian Urlacher @ #9.
  2. Nebraska FS Mike Brown @ #39.
  3. Georgia Tech WR Dez White @ #69.
  4. Wake Forrest TE Dustin Lyman @ #87.
  5. Wake Forrest CB Reggie Austin @ #125.
  6. Kansas State WR/KR Frank Murphy @ #170.
  7. Michigan State K Paul Edinger @ #174.
Urlacher hasn't played a down in the NFL since 2012, while the other 6 were all long gone before that. Meanwhile, Brady is the odds on favorite to play in his 11th Super Bowl + win his 8th Super Bowl in about 5 months from now.

9 players who are currently on NFL rosters weren't even born yet when Brady was drafted. Ryan Pace has actually performed better during round 5 than he has within the top 10 during his 7 drafts as Bears General Manager, yet is still looking for his first playoff win.

Moral of the story, as far as I'm concerned? Especially now that he has presumably secured his franchise quarterback for at least the next decade or so, Pace should be constantly trying to trade down every year in order to acquire as many 5th-rounders as possible.

The good news is that, if he continues to be Bears General Manager during Justin Field's entire career, then he shouldn't have to worry about any more top 10 picks until at least 2035 or so, maybe even 2040 or so.

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