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Chicago Bears Secondary is Team’s Biggest Issue

If the Bears secondary doesn’t improve, it’s going to be a long season

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

After a tough-to-stomach week one loss to the Los Angeles Rams, Bears Banter is here to talk about the loss and is joined by Pro Football Focus’ Brad Spielberger.

You can talk about Andy Dalton, you can talk about Matt Nagy, you can talk about the offensive line, but without question, the biggest issue on this roster is the secondary. It looked extremely low on talent and even unprepared. If the secondary doesn’t improve, the Chicago Bears are in for a long season.

Brad discusses the secondary woes, wonders if perhaps Kyle Fuller needed to stick around for another season and the Bears’ should have opened up money through a different avenue and also discusses what can be done to improve the unit. Brad also discusses the play of the offense, the offensive line and the performance of Andy Dalton.

It’s a jam-packed podcast, so check it out below!