Justin Fields is Taking the Bears to the Super Bowl

The Justin Fields era is off to a glorious start. Fields locked in his first win against the hapless Bengals and secured a dominant victory for the Chicago Bears. Sitting at the top of their division, the NFC North is entirely up for grabs. Aaron Rodgers clearly doesn't want to be in Green Bay and the Vikings and Lions aren't going anywhere with their current rosters. The Bears have a clear path to the playoffs, and sunday made it clear that they're going to capitalize on this opportunity. The defense put on a masterclass on Sunday and is clearly going to be the best unit in the entire NFL. Justin Fields on the other hand had one of the best games in all of week 2 for a quarterback, and that was without any chemistry with the first team offense. Some first team reps will easily catapult the Bears offense to juggernaut status and Justin Fields to the MVP race. With a dominant defense and unstoppable Justin Fields led offense, I just don't see the Bears losing another game this year.

The Bears are going to win the Super Bowl with a 19 game win streak and bring home the Ditka trophy this year. BEAR DOWN!

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