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Parkins: Still believe Bears mishandled Fields situation

Danny Parkins joins Bears Banter as Justin Fields gets ready for his first NFL start

Cincinnati Bengals v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has arrived!

The Score’s Danny Parkins joins as Justin Fields readies himself for his first NFL start.

The buzz is palpable as Chicago Bears’ fans gear up for Fields’ starting debut against the Cleveland Browns this Sunday. If you listen to Matt Nagy, this wasn’t the plan, he was insistent that they didn’t want Fields to start until “he was ready” and kept throwing Patrick Mahomes out there as the example.

That famously upset Parkins who said he will cheer for the Bears to lose until Justin Fields plays in hopes that will accelerate the Fields timeline.

We ask Danny if he stands by those comments, we discuss how the Bears handled the Fields-Dalton situation and also discuss the communication they had with the media and fans about it. Plus, what should Bears fans expect from Fields this Sunday? Will Andy Dalton start another game for Chicago?

It’s a big week for the Bears, so a big podcast with Danny Parkins is the only way to go! Check it out below!