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Reacts: Is this an overrated rookie QB class? Who will be the 1st head coach fired?

Two of this week’s SB Nation Reacts polls have a Chicago Bears feel to them.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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The latest round of poll results from the NFL Reacts’ voters featured two questions that have something to do with the Chicago Bears, but both are somewhat misguided by the SB Nation fans that voted.

In this first one, the Reacts voters voted that Matt Nagy would be the first head coach fired this year, and any Bears fans that has just a modicum of common sense knows that the Bears won’t fire a coach midseason.

Not gonna happen.

The Bears would have to go on a historic losing streak with multiple 50-burgers against in order to pink-slip Nagy, and now that rookie quarterback Justin Fields is the QB1 I can’t see that happening.

Fields will have some growing pains for sure, but he’ll also flash and wow us all on occasion, and along with the other rookies in this class he’ll take us on a fun roller coaster ride all year long.

A few of those rookie QBs have already had a chance to wow fans and go through their own growing pains, but through two weeks of NFL action the best first year signal caller has been New England’s Mac Jones, who was taken at 15 overall.

Jacksonville’s Trevor Lawrence and the Jets’ Zach Wilson have 5 interceptions each, Fields has thrown a pick in his limited action, and Trey Lance has only played 4 snaps, so I can understand why the reactionary voters came up with these results.

I think they’re wrong.

Like really wrong.

We’re talking 2 games into their NFL careers, plus once Fields lights things up on Sunday the narrative will drastically turn.

Here’s one more poll to think about this week.

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