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Bears Over Beers: The Good and Evil Season Preview

Jeff and EJ preview the 2021 Bears season by making the case for and against the Bears

NFL: Chicago Bears Training Camp
Is Sean Desai the key to the 2021 Bears season?
Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears Over Beers crew previews the 2021 Bears season with a little twist. The first part of the episode makes the case for the Bears to be better than expected - that’s the “good” part of the episode. After the break, that gets flipped on its head as the guys hammer the Bears deficiencies hard in the “evil” portion of the episode.

Listen to the first half for the if you’re solely a half glass full kind of fan. Listen to the second half of the episode if you’re a half glass empty person - you know who you are.

Grab a beverage and join us for a fun season preview on the beloved Chicago Bears and get ready for the new season as it is finally upon us!

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