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Introducing the brand new 2021 lineup for our WCG Podcast Channel!

We’re excited to announce our podcast lineup for the 2021 season!

Thanks to all you guys that have been loyal listeners to the WCG Podcast Channel since we kicked things off a few years ago! At some point during the 2021 season we’re going to officially surpass 1,000,000 downloads on our current platform, Megaphone, and even though we’ve technically flown past that milestone if you include the places we’ve previously had hosing our channel, getting a chance to actually see the report with “1,000,000” on it is going to be really neat.

So to all you Chicago Bears fans that have been along for the ride, thank you, and to you guys that haven't checked us out yet, this is a perfect time to come aboard.

One more note before going through our podcast lineup, we’re going to put an emphasis on video this season, so at some point we’ll have all our podcasts on a video channel (with some even streaming live) which will give us even more options to connect with Bears’ fans.

2021 WCG Podcast Channel

Right now the above schedule shows the AM/PM targets that all of our hosts will have to get our shows published on the channel, but keep in mind that there will be some fluctuations as the year goes on. Use that more as a guideline, but if you subscribe to the WCG Channel at one of the several platforms thaty we’re on (Apple, Spotify, Audacy, Stitcher, Podbean, iHeart, etc.) then you’ll never miss any of our shows!

Bear With Me

Regardless of when the final whistle blows in the Bears game each week, Robert Schmitz will be ready to grab his microphone to talk about what just transpired in the game. He’ll often be joined by a rotating guest each week, so check our Bear With Me for Robert’s immediate postgame takes.

Bear and Balanced

Bear and Balanced will come to you from hosts Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. and Jeff Berckes a day after the Bears play, and they’ll break down the game after things have cooled off a bit. They actually plan to record the show on Monday nights, so this one may get an early publish time each week.

Rule of 3

Robert Schmitz, Danny Meehan, and Brandon Robinson (and friends) will break down the previous Bears game with more of a focus on the Xs&Os in their Rule of 3 podcast. You’ll always learn something each week listening to this show.

Bears Banter

Bill Zimmerman will be coming at you each week with an exceptional lineup of guests on his Bears Banter podcast. Bill’s previous shows have featured Chicago-centric takes from guests like Olin Kreutz, Dick Butkus, Jim Miller, Adam Jahns, Allen Robinson, Marc Silverman, and Brad Biggs, but he’s also pulled national guests like Brian Baldinger, Dan Orlovsky, Adam Rank, Shae Peppler, and Benjamin Allbright, so tune in each week because you never know who you’ll hear.

Bears Over Beers

Bears Over Beers, featuring Jeff Berckes and EJ Snyder, will be previewing each weeks Bears game while enjoying a tasty adult beverage! And this year Jeff and EJ will be putting an extra emphasis on bringing on an occasional guest to get our fans as much knowledge as possible about each week’s opponent.

T Formation Conversation

Lester’s in-season T Formation Conversation will record on Friday nights and it’ll recap the final injury report from both the Bears and each week’s opponent. He’ll go over the possible lineup changes that may transpire and how the injured could affect each week’s game.

LunchPail DraftCast

This spring’s limited series, the LunchPail DraftCast, returns on a bi-weekly basis every other Saturday morning. Check out our Lead Draft Analyst Jacob Infante and Rule of 3 co-host Danny Meehan breaking down which college prospects they’ll be watching as they get in some early scouting for the 2022 NFL Draft.

SB Nation Weekly Bears segments

SB Nation has their own weekly lineup of NFL podcasts, and when they feature a segment about the Chicago Bears it usually ends up on the WCG Channel too. So be on the lookout for these special episodes, if for no other reason, than to listen and

Sunday Morning Livestream

Even though it’s not part of the podcast lineup, we have to mention our longest running WCG show, Steven Schweickert’s Sunday morning live pregame stream on his Twitch channel! Steven will bring on some of WCG’s very own like Sam Householder, Jeff Berckes, etc. on each gameday to play some Madden and talk about the game.

Subscribe to our channel wherever you get your pods, and be on the lookout for information on our video channels soon!