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WCG Livestream Reacts: Bears Fire Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace

The Bears fired their head coach and general manager today. Sounds like a good time to talk about what went wrong and the future of this franchise.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

So, uh, anything important happen today?

The Bears didn’t waste any time as they launched their head coach and general manager the day after the season ended. Matt Nagy leaves town with two playoff berths, zero playoffs wins, and a 34-31 regular season record in his four years as the Bears’ head coach, a tenure marred by the lack of development of Mitchell Trubisky and an offense that never ascended past the bottom third of the NFL.

Ryan Pace departs Chicago after seven seasons, two playoff berths, two head coaching hires, two high-profile trade-ups for quarterbacks, and a big swing for Kahlil Mack.

In both men’s cases, everything seemed high after a 2018 season that saw Nagy reach Coach of the Year, Pace reach Executive of the Year, and the Bears reach a 12-win season that ended at the touch of the goalpost - which may as well have been a symbolic (cymbalic?) stop sign, as the team never reached that height again.

After not running the WCG Sunday Livestream yesterday, today seems like a fitting time to bring it back for a special edition. We have a lot to talk about, including the weird-as-hell press conference by George McCaskey.

So to get in touch with us, all the usual avenues apply:

  • Here. These comments. A random comment will be drawn to sit on the GM selection committee. Maybe.
  • Over in the Twitch chat at Steven’s Twitch channel
  • And over on our Twitter accounts: Steven and Sam

Not the usual 9:30 AM CT start time, but 7:30 PM CT this time. We’ll see you then...

EDIT: Here’s the VOD of tonight’s livestream! Thank you all for watching!