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Bear & Balanced: Not gonna lie, this one wasn’t as balanced as usual

Jeff and Lester did talk a little bit about the on field finale for the Bears, but it was Black Monday that dominated their latest podcast.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears ended their 2021 season in disappointing fashion on Sunday in Minnesota, but it wasn’t the game against the Vikings that was on our minds. With the Bears cleaning most of their house on Black Monday, Jeff and I spent some time talking about that but also about that train-wreck of a press conference from George McCaskey and Ted Phillips.

We did spend some time with of our usual categories, we just didn’t do it in our usual way.

Here’s a bullet point outline of our latest Bear & Balanced show.

  • Intro: We get started with some quick basic thoughts about the game before giving some general thoughts on yesterday at Halas Hall.
  • Trench Tribute: This is our weekly pick for lineman of the game. I went straight on the field with this one, but JB had an interesting angle this week with the Olin Kreutz drama.
  • Sweet Tweets: We’re both active on social media — so be sure you’re all following us at @gridironborn & @wiltfongjr and we highlight one Twitter interaction/Tweet each week.
  • Caught up in a numbers game: This segment has us featuring one number/statistic that caught our eye from the Pace/Nagy/McCaskey era.
  • The 3 Bears: You know the story of the Three Bears, right? In this porridge-themed portion of the show we give our picks for the hot, cold, and just right from the game and/or Black Monday.
  • The Fields Report: We wrap up the show each week spending some time talking about Bears rookie QB Justin Fields... but no Fields again this week so we took a big picture take on what comes next for Fields, and our producer also jumped in to share a few thoughts towards the end of the show.

Check out our podcast right here:

For those of you that prefer to consume your Bears content in video format, we recorded the podcast on Monday night, and you can check the show on JB & EJ’s Bears Over Beers YouTube Channel.

h/t to Robert Schmitz for producing the show!