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O’Sullivan: I’m as high on Fields as I’ve ever been

JT O’Sullivan breaks down Justin Fields rookie season!

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

It was a long season for Chicago Bears fans: a 6-11 record, a fired head coach, a fired general manager, and an inconsistent season from the future of the franchise.

But for Bears fans, it’s time to turn the page. There will be a new general manager and head coach at Halas Hall in the very near future and their focus will turn to Justin Fields and his potential.

Former NFL quarterback turned analyst JT O’Sullivan joined the Bears Banter podcast and discussed Justin Fields rookie season.

There were obviously plenty of issues that Fields’ faced this season: tightly covered receivers, inconsistent line play, a questionable scheme, but for O’Sullivan, any struggles Fields had in his rookie season doesn’t concern him.

“I think just the pure tape-wise and just projecting what Justin Fields has the potential to be moving forward, I’m still as high as I ever was on him, if not probably a little bit higher just from certain flashes of things. That being said, that doesn’t mean it’s lock and key for those type of things to translate consistently on Sundays, that comes with everything around him being correct too.”

It’s a great conversation and we discuss a variety of things about Fields, from his progression this year, to where his biggest issues still lie, we discussed what type of head coach the Bears should be looking for and of course also discuss the bizarre circumstances that Fields came into in July and August. “Andy is our starter.” Ugh.

It’s a great conversation, check it out below!