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Bears devour Giants in low-stakes week 17 scrimscram

The win may not mean much, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun to watch the Bears thoroughly dominant a clearly inferior team

NFL: New York Giants at Chicago Bears Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another game in a go nowhere season without the Chicago Bears future quarterback on the field. In other words, it’s another opportunity to enjoy some fun moments of Bears football without any anxiety about the possibility of your heart getting broken. And the Bears actually delivered some fun moments and some cause for encouragement from some young cubbies who may be part of a future actually competitive Bears team. No complaints here!

Welcome back to Chicago, MG8!

I may have been the only Bears fan who enjoyed Mike Glennon’s first stint in Chicago, but I think most Bears fans are going to feel good about this one. Glennon gave up a fumble on his first play and threw an interception on his second drive. Looks like the 16+ million the Bears paid him is finally starting to earn dividends. Honestly, if Glennon had been able to complete passes to Bears like he did today back in 2017, we may have never switched to Trubisky.

Khyris Tonga, Fullback

I love seeing our big defensive linemen getting offensive reps. Give that Bear the ball next time. I want to see him throw a touchdown to Bilal Nichols.

Gipson and Gipson, turnover brothers?

So they aren’t brothers, but Trevis Gipson and Tashaun Gipson did their surname proud in the first two drives. Trevis Gipson’s first play strip-sack bounced into the Bilal Nichols hearty paws and led to a 2nd play touchdown from David Montgomery. This young Bear has continued to develop nicely in his second season. Tashaun Gipson got an interception off an Artie Burns tip. Neither player is likely to be a part of the Bears future, but it was still fun to watch, especially because it set up a beautiful Moon Bear 4th down touchdown.

UPDATE: Trevis Gipson slid past 62 million dollar tackle Nate Solder and swatted another strip sack out of the nimble hands of Michael Joseph Glennon which bounced into the healthy paws of rookie nose tackle Khyris Tonga. These young Bears look great against a subpar offensive line. It’s almost like they’ve had ample opportunity to practice against one between games.

Sam Kamara gets some nice pressure

The UDFA ,recently upgraded from the practice squad, got into the backfield closing off an escape lane for Glennon and helping Angelo Blackson smosh the former Bear into the grass on a first-quarter sack. Just kidding, Glennon wouldn’t have avoided the sack even if nobody got into the backfield.

Bears offense definitely looks better with a short field

Maybe I got spoiled by the first two drives, but I’m thinking ideally, the defense should set them up with two or less yards to go. Things don’t seem to go as well when the Bears have room for receivers to run around well-covered and quarterbacks to run into sacks.

Has a flea flicker ever failed?

It’s such a tricky play! I was sure Damien Williams was going to run the ball and so was the New York Giants secondary. Easy throw and catch to Damiere Byrd. Honestly, the Bears should run this every play. If nobody expects it the first time, who in their right mind would expect it a 4th time in a row?

David Montgomery is enough offense to beat a team like the Giants

Honestly, we don’t need to see Andy Dalton trying to play passy-toss with poor pass protection and underwhelming receiving corps. Just hand our brawny back the ball every snap and let his hefty haunches turn turf 5 yards at a time. Love that Bear.

Update: Immediately after I wrote this Dalton and Mooney had some great connections in a 2-minute drive. This is allowed.

Update 2: I did not mean David Montgomery should throw the ball to Cole Kmet on 4th down. Geez, I don’t even publish this and Matt Nagy is already overreacting to it.

Yes, Ed, you’re right. It doesn’t matter

Ed Hochuli was technically right that it didn’t matter that the Giant lost the ball after forward progress had been called. It also didn’t matter because the Bears got a safety anyway. And ultimately, it didn’t matter because both teams are out of the playoffs, have head coaches who will be fired at the end of the season, and have 1st round picks in the hands of the same organization. You’ll be hard pressed to find an NFL game who’s results have mattered less.

All the 1st-team reps between Andy Dalton and Allen Robinson finally paying off

The pair made a couple nice connections for some wildly meaningless 1st down conversions in the 4th quarter of this week 17 exercise in futility. Think about that before the next time you criticize the decision to keep Dalton the QB-1 going into the season.

Mike Glennon’s 13 yard first down was is a thing of beauty

Everyone who thought they were insulting the former MG8 by calling him a giraffe has never seen a giraffe prance across the safari to reunite with a long lost lover. The joke is on them today.

Robert Quinn sets the single season sack record sacking Mike Glennon

This Bear has had an underrated super star season, and now it won’t go forgotten. The previous record holder, Richard Dent, is a well-deserved hall of famer who is one of my favorites of all time, but I’m not mad that Quinn passed him up, especially considering he didn’t actually need the extra game to set it. This is a lesson to all of us not to judge a new acquisition too quickly, though undoubtedly one that we will forget within the week.

At the end of the day, the Giants’ brilliant ploy to force the Bears to prepare for both Mike Glennon and Jake Fromme didn’t prove to be enough to get them against the hump against a better team. The Bears thoroughly beared down and the Giants put up no resistance to being bore upon. Not a bad way to start your Sunday.