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Bears Hired Ian Cunningham as Assistant General Manager

It’s widely believed he will become the team’s first Assistant GM in franchise history.

The rebuilding of the infrastructure within Halas Hall is happening at an unprecedented rate.

Ryan Poles was hired by the Chicago Bears as their 7th General Manager in franchise history on Monday, Jan 24th. As the top football exec in the building, he’s been given the power to reshape the organization as he deems fit. It’s only fitting more history was made less than a week later.

Jon Greenberg is reporting that, after days of heavy speculation, the Bears are hiring Ian Cunningham into their front office.

Update: The Bears officially announced the hire and officially called him their assistant general manager.

He previously held the title of Director of Player Personnel for the Philadelphia Eagles. Ian also served for 9 seasons in various scouting roles with the Baltimore Ravens from 2008 through 2016. In 2017 he left for a promotion in Philly, and has served alongside Co-Director of Player Personnel Brandon Brown in assembling the current Eagles roster. That same 2017 season was when the Eagles won their first ever Super Bowl championship.

A key part of this hire is the idea he will become the team’s first ever Assistant GM. In the history of the franchise, there has never been any person that held such a title. As of today, that has changed, and for good reason. It’s a way to collect more brilliant football minds into a franchise that’s starved for such figures.

He comes to Chicago with a strong resume of player evaluations, and an even stronger culture with the Philadelphia Eagles organization. Things are truly beginning to take a new shape within the Bears’ corporate headquarters.