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Bear & Balanced: Taking a (mostly) level-headed look at the Bears vs Giants game

It was a defensive gem by the Chicago Bears!

New York Giants v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears picked up a nice win on Sunday to push their record to 6-10, but the opposition that afternoon was pitiful. I know it’s been rough being a fan of the Bears the last few years, but rooting for this New York Giants team has to be painful. Bears fans have the hope that goes along with a young quarterback and the belief that a new head coach will spark the franchise, but the Giants are seemingly retaining their delusional head coach and running it back with a QB that has yet to figure anything out.

It’s fair to say that the Bears could be in this exact same scenario in a couple years, but for now I like the path that Chicago’s franchise is on with some fresh ideas heading to Halas Hall in the near future.

For the second week in a row Jeff and I got to talk about a Bear victory, but for the second week we were left wondering about some of their personnel decisions.

Here’s a bullet point outline of our latest Bear & Balanced show.

  • Intro: We get started with some quick basic thoughts about the game before diving right into our weekly categories of...
  • Trench Tribute: This is our weekly pick for lineman of the game.
  • Sweet Tweets: We’re both active on social media — so be sure you’re all following us at @gridironborn & @wiltfongjr and we highlight one Twitter interaction/Tweet each week.
  • Caught up in a numbers game: This segment has us featuring one number/statistic that caught our eye from the game.
  • The 3 Bears: You know the story of the Three Bears, right? In this porridge-themed portion of the show we give our picks for the hot, cold, and just right from the game against the Giants.
  • The Fields Report: We wrap up the show each week spending some time talking about Bears rookie QB Justin Fields... but his ankle prevented him from playing again, so hopefully this segment makes a return next week.

Check out our podcast right here:

For those of you that prefer to consume your Bears content in video format, we recorded the podcast on Monday night, and you can check the show on JB & EJ’s Bears Over Beers YouTube Channel.

h/t to Robert Schmitz for producing the show!