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Report: Pete Carroll makes “perfect sense” for Bears

Yes, the McCaskey’s would be going all-in on “experience” and “respectability” again.

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

All bets are not off the table for the Bears’ pending head coach search post-Matt Nagy.

The latest name: soon-to-be-former (?) Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

In a 670 The Score radio appearance Tuesday afternoon, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio floated Carroll as a potential candidate for the Bears that would make “perfect sense.” Florio’s rationale is that the Bears would view Carroll’s decade of consistency in Seattle — where he’s won more than 60 percent of his games while also winning Super Bowl XLVIII — as marks that are difficult to pass up. (Remember, while it’s not foolproof: If a verified scoop merchant like Florio mentions the idea, someone (even one person) in Lake Forest has, at least, brought up Carroll in passing.)

Of course, Carroll has not yet officially been fired by Seattle, if he even will be. But if the Seahawks proceed with a plan to trade Russell Wilson to a hopeful contender and rebuild in earnest, many in league circles view it as unlikely that the 70-year-old would stick around. Now, I’m not sure how much a 70-year-old “makes sense” for the Bears in the modern game, among other concerns (Justin Fields would never see the end of run-run-pass). Still, it’s easy to see why the McCaskey’s (they have zero imagination) would opt for a perceived safe route after yet again being dragged along by a dead-end head coach out of his wits.

It is on this familiar note that Florio preached the Bears’ continued dysfunction makes it impossible to center on their so-called “plans.”

Welcome to the party, pal. We’re all having a grand ole time.