A Bears Fan's Opinion

It's been a wild 2021 season for the Chicago Bears. We had a QB carousel, a coach near the end, a GM who made some questionable moves, a possible move of the franchise in the future, and so much more. It seems like everyone these days has opinions on everything Bears. I have mine... and here they are for your enjoyment.

Ryan Pace: This is the big one heading into the last week of the season. His biggest swings and misses have been the drafting of Mitch Trubisky and allowing Matt Nagy to run this offense. People forget though that Mitch was the #1 QB on most people's draft boards that year and Nagy was highly sought after. They had to swoop in and prevent him from going to the Colts, who wanted him badly. It's a damn shame that neither have worked out like we had hoped because they were great gets at the time. Outside of those, people look at the fact that his teams only making the playoffs twice in 7 years. This team was a JOKE when he hired John Fox (which seems like it wasn't his first choice). The defense was... not really a defense. Vic Fangio admitted as such. He then made some very clutch free agent signings and draft selections to turn it around in 2018. People also complain about their current cap situation. Well guess what, this pandemic thing destroyed the cap plans for every team in the league before the 2021 season. Without getting any further into it, I think Pace is fine. I like how aggressive he is. He swung for the fences again with Justin Fields.

Matt Nagy: He's a fine coach and a great leader of men, but his offense just doesn't work. He's not a good playcaller and he lacks offensive "genius" that is needed to succeed in todays NFL. I think by the end his offense hurt Trubisky more than it helped him. I think Nick Foles realized from the moment he got here that this isn't working. I believe Nagy will be a good coach at his next stop as long as he's hands off on the offense. I bet he'd be an excellent college coach and leader.

Justin Fields: Jury is def out for me. He kind of stinks this year with flashes of brilliance. His play reminds me so much of 2017 Mitch it's kind of scary. But he also really reminds me of 2018 Josh Allen, and that comforts me. I think he has the mentality of a leader and a winner and that makes me think the Bears have their QB of the future.

Alternating Captains: For some reason this has been a hot item in the media. People are flaming coach Nagy for switching to alternating captains this year. It's just such a trivial thing to be upset about. I get it that in a frustrating year we all just want to vent but, Alternating captains? Cmon... So in 2019 the Bears team captains were Mitch Trubisky, Tarik Cohen, Charles Leno, Eddie Jackson, Akiem Hicks, and Khalil Mack. Here we are in 2021, can you tell me that ANY of them deserve to be captains besides for maybe Mack? Going back to the beginning of the season, who would YOU pick as captains? Everyone says Roquan & Monty, but that's revisionist history because of the leadership and performance this year. My point is, leadership roles were wide open for the start of 2021 and alternating captains were a fine idea.

Playing Jimmy Graham, Jason Peters, Artie Burns, Dalton, Ifedi, here at the end of the season: Graham and Peters are HOF players and this is probably their last season. They deserve to play, period. You can not ask them to step aside for rookies. People want Thomas Graham to play because he flashed in one game and they want to to see what they have in him. He's a rookie, Bears have plenty of time to see what they have with him. Artie Burns has stuck around on this roster for 2 years, one of which was a devastating injury. They must like SOMETHING about him. They also need to see what they have with him, right? He hasn't been bad either. Remember that ALL of these players are free agents and any team that pays for them factors into future compensatory pick calculations, and any the Bears keep won't factor against them. Trying to get some good tape out there for other teams is not a bad thing and I'm ok with all of it.

Next Head Coach: PLEASE not Jim Harbaugh. The guy has one good season at Michigan, finally, and everyone is slobbering all over him. He is emotional, immature, has a big ego, and notoriously difficult to work with. He drove himself out of San Fran, people forget. I don't think I could watch his flailing toddler sideline breakdowns. Remember, he ALSO had Vic Fangio on defense. Aside from that, I find it funny how people come full circle about what they want. Lovie was a great defensive coach, but our offense notoriously was bad. Trestman was an offensive guru but he wrecked the locker room. John Fox was a good stable head coach who was kind of a bumbling idiot by the end, so we then go with the risky offensive mind with upside who... had no offense mind... so now most are clamoring for a defensive minded coach or another version of John Fox with stability. What I want is another young offensive mind with upside. Moore, Leftwich, Hackett maybe. I feel like this team could be really good with a functional offense. The next coach needs to partner well with Fields and build an offense around him. YES... it's like a repeat of Nagy/Trubisky all over again but I think they can do it right this time. We don't need to revamp or redo the defense and NO to a Pete Carrol or Leslie Frazier.

Football Minds in the front offense: I saw a tweet from Jerry Azumah the other day stating that Ownership should meet with former Bears players to help decide... i dont know... everything I guess? While I agree, it couldn't hurt, what exactly would come of this meeting? Hire Lovie Smith again and run the damn ball? I can't stand when former players like Olin Kreutz who pretend to have all the answers and just jump on anyone who disagrees. They are no worse than most of us here, armchair WCG GMs. A "football guy" in the front office structure is nice IMO, but not needed at all.

George McCaskey should step down: Now, if I could have any wish, this would be that George WAS that football guy in the front office structure. He seems to me just like a figurehead superfan at this point. I like him... but How much "value" he brings to this team is definitely a question worth asking. However, he's the chairman/owner, there's nothing we can do about it so it's almost not even worth it to waste your breath complaining about such things.

Trade Robert Quinn: This is my last one, i promise. Robert Quinn's value is never higher. We have so little to offer to teams to get more draft picks. Quinns sack season totals are notoriously up and down, since his rookie year 2011 (5, 10, 19, 10, 5, 4, 8, 6, 11, 2, 18). Please... sell high!

Thank you for listening to my opinions about this team. Feel free to leave comments/opinions on my opinions in the comment section, or just post a funny GIF you think I might enjoy for my annual end of season GIF/Picture article.

I've been missing from WCG a bit this season mostly because my job allows me zero time for web browsing lately. I do listen to most of the podcasts, though, and I follow everyone on twitter. WCG is still the best source for all Bears news and for having somewhat non-toxic debates in the comment sections. Here's to a better 2022!

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