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Help the Bear

Chicago Bears’ fans, “help the bear” is trending, but it’s not what you think it is.

NFL: Houston Texans at Chicago Bears Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

I don't usually pay much attention to Twitter trends when I'm searching through the blue bird app looking for news about the Chicago Bears, but when I saw the phrase "help the bear" trending, I had to click to see what that was all about.

I assumed it had something to do with rumors about the Navy and Orange and the NFL's November 1 trade deadline, or with some Next Gen like-stat about the Bears' pass protection, or another Secret Base potshot towards our favorite team, or disgruntled Chicago fans Tweeting about the team not acquiring former Panther wide receiver Robbie Anderson, who ended up in Arizona for a 2024 6th-rounder and 2025 7th-rounder.

What I wasn't expecting was a quick video about a bear attacking a mountain climber.

Or this old clip of a Mystikal freestyle making the rounds featuring the phrase, "help the bear." Before you click to hear his flow, understand that it is NSFW.

But now that we've made it through all that let us know what you want to see head coach Matt Eberflus or general manager Ryan Poles do to help the Chicago Bears.