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Justin Fields delivers a medium-minus performance in defense-assisted loss to humdrum Giants

The passing game improved a bit and the run game and defense slipped a bit as the Bears keep up a mediocre pace on their trudge through the dregs of low-tier NFL competition.

NFL: Chicago Bears at New York Giants
Justin Fields threw the ball with a little bit more success today. Hurray.

Another week, another mediocre opponent for the Chicago Bears to test their rebuilding roster against. Two unimpressive two and one teams compete for the chance to be considered among the least impressive 3 and 1 teams in recent history. By the end of this week, Bears record could be good enough for them to get the vaunted title of “pretenders.”

Let’s get it boo boos.

Update: we didn’t get it.

Box score

Keep trying to make Fields to Mooney a thing

We’re patient, and clearly the jugs machine worked. Justin Fields' first pass is an 18 yard deep curl to our favorite slow-to-start WR1.

Update: as of the Bear second drive, Fields to Mooney is officially a thing.

Bears defense’s second drive was a wonder to watch

The Bears seemed to be doing everything they could to open up holes for the Giants to enjoy a low-effort mosey down the field. Daniel Jones seems to be the best play-action faker in NFL history. Perhaps Eberflus is trying to light a fire under his young QB by making sure he has to play from behind.

Update: Bears defense gave up another touchdown to Daniel Jones on an easy uncontested trot into the end zone on another devilishly-tricky play action. Giants need to extend that sorcerer right now.

Inflation must be hitting the football field hard because Justin Fields' dime was just worth 50+ yards

I’ll admit, I got nervous when I saw Fields stalling for a second after his drop back, but he more than made it worth the wait as he released a perfectly placed deep ball to Mooney. Mooney got last minute separation by slowing the defender for a second and then diving, which is why he wasn’t hit in stride, but it was probably a good choice to guarantee those 50 yards rather than risk a contested catch in stride. Fire officially lit. Well played, Flus.

Does Fields trust Cole Kmet?

The struggling Bears tight end does suffer from recurrent dropsies, but Fields took a sack in the red zone when Kmet was wide open directly in front of him. It was probably a combination of Fields overestimating his ability to evade the sack and underestimating the value of a wide-open toss to somebody with at least a 50% chance of catching it.

Update: On the following drive Fields hit Kmet on a tight end screen for 10+ yards. They are besties for sure.

Do the Bears have a screen game?

Twice in the Bears third drive, they earned first downs on screen plays, one for 20 yards after a bad sack. If this keeps up, it will certainly help the Bears offense and, more importantly make Justin Fields' stats look better.

Giants blitz-heavy defense finally found the right matchup

The Giants only had 3 sacks coming into this game despite being one of the blitziest teams in the league. The Bears were more than prepared to reward them for their persistence. The Bears O line was frequently unprepared for the Giants attack, and Fields did little to help them.

Josh Blackwell with the biggest play of the Bears first half

The UDFA cornerback made the special teams play of the day with a forced fumble in punt coverage when he recovered himself. This gave the Bears offense another chance after their first 3 and out in the half and it prevented the Giants from what would have been great field position. The drive ultimately led to a field goal. Impressive moment for the young Bear.

Matt Eberflus wasn’t going to look timid at the half again

He was even willing to risk helping the Giants to do it, with two time outs called on Giant 3rd downs. His courage was rewarded when the Bears ended up with ball with enough time to squeeze in 3 Justin Fields 2 yard runs before the half.

Opening second half drive gives Fields some nice passing windows

The Bears got two hearty gains on 10+ yard passes to tight end Wesco and of course, never-doubted elite-WR Darnell “Moon Bear” Mooney. Things dried as they approached the end zone—a recurring theme for this game—but the gains were encouraging, especially the Mooney pass, which allowed a third and long conversion.

Are we sure Trenton Gill shouldn’t always be handling the kickoff duties?

Giants have started behind their own 20 multiple times after well placed Trenton boots.

Kyler Gordon's growing pains continue

He still looks indecisive and consequently too slow in the nickel position. He also single-handedly gave up a field-goals worth of penalty yards on a 3rd quarter Giants drive. It’s clear Eberflus is committed to developing him with a trial-by-fire philosophy. That’s not the worst thing in a rebuilding season, assuming it works eventually.

Am I the only one who’s worried the Giants offense will be better with Daniel Jones and Evan Neal out?

Tyrod is a top-tier backup and Neal has been struggling.

Update: Taylor has one pass attempt and one interception. The Bears may have a chance here.

Eddie Jackson’s resurgence is not a fluke

At worst, it’s multiple flukes that I suspect will keep coming. The Bear is legitimately looking like the star we saw in 2018 again.

If the Bears can’t stop this offense without a quarterback...


Velus Jones Jr.'s debut leaves a little bit to be desired

He didn’t do anything on offense. He didn’t have any great returns. He muffed the punt to secure the loss. Nowhere to go but up from here.

The Bears may have something with that final play

The ball got in Fields and EQ Saint B’s hands multiple times each. Definitely got the defense on their heels. They need to work something like that earlier in games. Elite viewing pleasure.

The Bears offense didn’t deliver in the end zone, but it looked more balanced today then last week. This felt like a game Justin Fields can build on, as opposed to last week, which felt like an unmitigated free fall.

It's early in a long season. I have a feeling we’re going to feel every bit of that length.