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Bears finally step up on primetime and deflate Patriots’ season dreams in decisive MNF victory

Belichick’s magic didn’t work on this young quarterback, but the Bears offensive and defensive game-plans sure did.

NFL: Chicago Bears at New England Patriots
Not today. Justin Fields evades Patriots defenders and bust narratives alike as he puts on a show in Foxborough.

The Chicago Bears had another chance to show the world what true Ursine power looks like on a prime time platform. People entered the game doubting the Bears, and even I had my doubts about the ability for Justin Fields to overcome Billy Beli’s scheming ways. The Bears have struggled mightily this season, but this might be the moment they show they’re mighty enough to overcome the onslaught of poor fortune and “subpar talent” that has held them down so far this season.

Box Score

Fields is drivin’

This first drive is looking gooooood. Fields with back to back big passing gains to star receivers Darnell “Moon Bear” Mooney and Equanamious “EQ” Saint B-rown. Bears are flying high and there’s no way they will come crashing down.

Rain on Bears’ parade

The ball is clearly slippery in the wet fog at Foxborough. Fields’ gimme pass to B-rown slopped out short and then sure-handed running back David “Montogomery” Montgomery dropped an easy pitch. The wet ball may have cut the Bears drive short, but it didn’t stop them from drawing first blood and sending the Patriots reeling into a deep 3 to 0 hole in their precious home stadium.

More 3rd down passing conversions please

We’ve had one on each of the Bears first drives and I’ve loved them both. So much smarter than the sacks the Bears usually call in this situation.

It turns out you don’t need to venge the first time to revenge

Because the N’Keal Harry revenge game is ON with a big NKH catch for a first down in the second drive.

Fields’ feet dance away all our redzone pain

After last week, everyone has been saying the Bears need to use their young quarterback’s mobility in the red zone. Apparently Luke Getsy heard them. Fields didn’t waste any time, scoring on 1st and goal on a run that looks like it might be stopped for a loss before his slipped his way past a cluster of hopeless Patriots defenders. So much better than last week’s plan of 4 straight ineffective plays each time the Bears got to the goal line.

McCorkle does his best Justin impression

The “injured” Patriots quarterback Mac Jones scrambled for Patriots first first down and did it again later in the same drive, The young man looked to have adequate speed in his cute little shuffles, and his legs proved to be more effective than his arm.

McCorkle kicked the wrong Bear

At the end of his second run, Mac Jones “accidentally” kicked Bears rookie safety Jaquan Brisker as he slid. Brisker didn’t wait to punish him, pawing down a 1-handed interception to pick off the embattled QB on his very next play.

Zappe di doo da

The Patriots offense unfortunately came alive when “backup” quarterback Bailey Zappe came in to replace Jones. Zappe took advantage of two wide open receivers, the second being future Bears wideout Jakobi Meyers, who made an athletic catch and then proceeded to remind Eddie Jackson that he doesn’t only need to touch a receiver on the ground but has to do so before that receiver gets up. Thanks for the lesson, Jakobi. Eddie will get it next time!

Lucas Patrick at center may have been the key to the Bears offense

Because it all fell apart after he left the field. The first two Lucas’ drives ended in a bad 3rd down sack and a tipped ball that led to an interception. I hope his toe heals quickly!

Update: The Bears managed to figure it out without Patrick after all. I still hope his toe heals quickly.

Nice try, Billy boy!

Some people will tell you that Belichick is the greatest of all time at stopping young quarterbacks, but this Billy GOAT underestimated Justin “blitz-beater” Fields when he sent a zero blitz that Justin evaded, slipping a quick touchdown pass to Khalil Herbert.

Bears have 20 points. The game must be over?

Nope, it’s halftime! Bears dropped 20 in a half. That’s 40-burger pace.

Khalil Herbert elite stiff arm game

Herbert opted against going out of bounds on a 1st down round to instead stay in and stiff arm a Patriots defender in the face and get an extra yard and a half. It’s a delicate procedure to push someone away by the facemask without grabbing it, but Khalil pulled it off admirably.

Roquan keeps stringing some nice games together

I know people like to dump on him because Carson Wentz knocked him over and his agent seems to think he’s worth a bigger paycheck than the Bears do, but he still finds himself the most frequent Bear to the ball carrier and as often as not in the backfield. He had a great sack and a greater interception to add to his resume this week. Good Bear. Hope we can inform them when season

Cole Kmet made great catch and even he didn’t believe it

Kmet has been effective in the passing game, but generally with wide open plays against zone coverage. Kmet made a great contested catch on the sideline for a 3rd down conversion and he made the Bears rush to get a play off, presumably because he was scared it would get overturned.

Another Patriot’s 3rd down, another great Bears defender play

Trevis Gipson swatted the last Zappe magic out of Bailey’s pass for a an impressive block and another Bears stop. Young Bears are stepping up today!

Bears got the Patriots used to tackling Khalil Herbert

Then they dropped Montgomery in as a closer and he stomped right over the three times in a row for a touchdown. Call it thunder and lightning, a one two bunch, or yogi and boo boo. Whatever you call it, that’s some good looking Bears playing good-looking football.

Just when the Bears are starting to hit their stride...

They get hit with a delay of game penalty on 4th and 1. Why do the refs hate us!? Why can’t we have good things!?!?

The Bears are rubbing it in and I’m loving it

The Kyler Gordon interception really took things over the top. That Bear has really turned things around after a rough start. All that’s left to do is go for the throat and the actual 40 burger!!!!

Update: a knee!? They took a knee!? a 33-burger is NOT A THING. Ughhh. Fine.

The Bears weren’t going to let Bill Belichik break George Halas’ lifetime win record on their watch.

Sorry, draft dreamers. The Bears have too much frisk in ‘em to lose their way into a top pick. I suppose they’ll just have to keep playing above their talent level for the time being.