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Stock up, stock down: Bears throttle the Patriots

We get to talk about a win?! Feels like it’s been a while!

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Not many saw that result coming, did they?

The Chicago Bears went into Foxborough and kicked the New England Patriots butts.

The Bears, yes, the Chicago Bears, put up 33 points, something that hadn’t been done in nearly two calendar years.

What a wild game.

It had moments where things looked rough, like when the Patriots scored 14 points, but then the Bears answered back with 23 unanswered points of their own.

There was a lot to like about this game, so much so that it may be difficult to find players for stock down. But we’ll do our best.

Stock up

Luke Getsy, OC - He’s been taking a lot of flack, much of it deserved. I typically leave coaches off my lists, but when they’re egregiously bad (or in this case, outstandingly good), they get mentioned. This was Getsy’s best-called game, I think. He seems to have taken a good look at the offense over the extended break and came up with the perfect game plan to foil the Patriots and get a solid game out of Justin Fields.

Justin Fields, QB - We can squabble over if this is the best game of his career or not, but it certainly was another positive performance. Getsy making use of Fields’ legs let him get comfortable and really become a full-blown weapon against New England. The passing stats weren’t eye-popping, but plays were there. He made good, accurate throws.

Roquan Smith, LB - Picking the third spot for “up” was tough this week, with a lot of great candidates, but it has to be Smith. He leads the league in tackles, leads the team in sacks, is second on the team in interceptions and tackles for loss and tied for second on the team in QB hits and pass deflections.

Stock down

Eddie Jackson, S - By no means was this a bad game, but he had a pretty obvious loaf on the Patriots’ first touchdown when he didn’t quite hustle to touch the receiver down.

N’Keal Harry, WR - Many people on Twitter were saying this was going to be his revenge game and that he was going to be a big boon to the Bears’ receiving corps. He had one catch for 14 yards. This is closer to the reality I expected.

Al-Quadin Muhammad, DE - His measly stat line for the night? One QB hit. That’s it. This is turning out to be a very disappointing signing. Right up there with Byron Pringle.

Who were your standouts and down candidates? Who did I miss? Let me know below or find me on Twitter @SamHouseholder.