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Visualize This: Did Mel Tucker Return to Chicago?

The early returns on this Chicago run defense are not good

Chicago Bears v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears run defense continued to get gashed in Week 4, this time by the New York Giants, and the Bears find themselves in uncomfortable territory as the worst run defense in the entire league through the first quarter of the season. I went back to take a look at what the “season leaders” in yards per game allowed look like over the last twenty years and found the Mel Tucker defense from 2013 amongst the biggest losers.

Well, the current Bears defense is giving up more than that 2013 squad and in fact is currently getting gutted by more than any of the worst run defenses in the last twenty years. Yes, it’s early and yes, there will be some teams the Bears play on the schedule that don’t run the ball particularly well. I fully expect this number to come down significantly. However, when you’re this bad at one part of football, there’s not a lot of reason for the opponent to do much else to beat you.

Let’s see if Coach ‘Flus can get this figured out.

Worst run defense allowed from 2003-2021 plus the “leader” through 4 weeks in 2022

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