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Stock up, stock down: Bears-Giants review

Will we find anyone for the stock up category?

Syndication: The Record Danielle Parhizkaran/ / USA TODAY NETWORK

Who the heck do you put in the “stock up” category after a game like that?

There was not much to like from Sunday’s touchdown-less game between the New York Giants and Chicago Bears.

Well, it was touchdown-less for the Bears, anyway.

Another dismal offensive performance has Chicago reeling and once again questioning everything.

I am kind of glad I was driving through rural Arkansas while the game was going on so I could just quickly get through it and know what was coming.

Stock up

Michael Badgely, K - I don’t think Cairo Santos should be going anywhere, but for an emergency Saturday-signed kicker, Badgely did his job and scored all of Chicago’s points. That’s enough to earn a spot on the “up” list. Hopefully, when Cairo returns, Badgely gets a chance to latch on somewhere else.

Eddie Jackson, S - Second on the team in tackles and grabbing a third interception of the season earn Jackson a spot on the up list. Jackson was making plays all over the field and had few glaring errors.

Jaquon Brisker, S - I thought Brisker also played well. He recorded a sack to go with a TFL and a QB hit. The safeties are playing well and Brisker continues to shine.

Stock down

Joe Thomas, LB - Thomas really doesn’t impress me as a starter. I noticed a couple of missed tackles, plus he was part of the problem of biting hard on the play action that led to so many successful Giants roll outs.

Velus Jones Jr., KR - Look, it’s the kid’s first NFL game so I’m not going to hammer him, but the muffed punt at the end of the game all but cost the Bears a real shot. They were able to get the ball back after a missed New York FG but by then there was less than 20 seconds left. It was a bad mistake at the worst possible time.

Sam Mustipher, C - The OL as a whole was bad (Justin Fields was sacked six times), but Mustipher was especially bad. The advanced metrics weren’t kind to him either, if you’re into that sort of thing but neither was the eye test. The pressure that the Giants consistently got up the middle hurt the Bears’ run game and cost Fields the chance to make some better throws a couple of times, including on more than one third down.

Luke Getsy, OC - I usually only do three, but I have to mention Getsy. I don’t know if it’s him or Matt Eberflus or prefers the conservative style inside the red zone, but it’s not good. I like some of the early passing plays to try to get Fields into a rhythm but everything else was not good.

Who did I miss? Was there anyone else worth highlighting?