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Fan confidence in Bears’ franchise falls

Our SB Nation Reacts voters are down on the direction of the Bears’ franchise.

NFL: Chicago Bears at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, this week's SB Nation Reacts poll results about our fan's confidence in the Chicago Bears' franchise has dropped again. The loss to the G-Men was terrible, but worse was that the offense still sputtered, and the defense was gashed. There haven't been any silver linings from Chicago's 2-2 start.

Okay fine... The passing game had its best day this season, but that's not saying much, and now with their most consistent offensive lineman sidelined at least four games, all those that said, "it can't get any worse' might see how worse it can get.

And what made the gashing against the defense even worse was the undisciplined way they played. Backside contain was optional on most plays, and New York made many of the Bears' defenders (and coaches) look like clowns.

The Bears have the Vikings next on Sunday afternoon, and while I am expecting the Bears to lose, I just want to see an entertaining game with the Bears taking some baby steps forward. But please let me see a disciplined defense. Let's see that H.I.T.S. philosophy show up. And most importantly, let's see Justin Fields protected enough to complete more than 11 passes.

Full disclosure; I'm a part of the 40% still confident in the franchise's direction. It's just too early to make a long-term determination on what the QB, the play caller, the head coach, or the rookie class are going to be at this point. Some red flags have popped up for sure, but I'm not ready to bail on the Ryan Poles/Matt Eberflus regime yet.

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