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Making Monsters: Jaquan Brisker and his Tumultuous Journey to the NFL

We speak with Gateway High School Head Coach Don Holl and Lackawanna Community College Head Coach Mark Duda, the two men that coached Jaquan Brisker before Penn State and the Bears.

Houston Texans v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Update: We apologize that we had some technical difficulties and the Coach Duda interview was missing earlier, but it has since been fixed and can be heard right after the break at about the 35-minute mark. ~ L.A.W.

This week Taylor Doll and Dylan Ryan take a deep dive into the life of Jaquan Brisker before he was drafted in the second round by the Chicago Bears. Brisker’s path to the NFL wasn’t smooth, and learning more about where he came from can only broaden the appreciation our fanbase has for him.

First up on their Making Monsters podcast, Taylor and Dylan are joined by Don Holl, Brisker’s head coach at Gateway High School, and they discuss some of the challenges Brisker faced on and off the field. Then they are then joined by Lackawanna Community College Head Coach Mark Duda to discuss Brisker’s time at the junior college.

This week’s Making Monsters is a must listen and you can check out their latest podcast right here:

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