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Bears rouse from near-death and paw their way to the brink of victory in exciting loss against NFLs greatest quarterback

After a brutal start, the Bears showed life, spark, and fight in a fun game against a formidable opponent

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings
Godlike quarterback Kirk Cousins probably throwing a touchdown

Expectations are appropriately low, the Chicago Bears offense made progress from rock-bottom last week, and we’re playing a divisional opponent that we always seem to have a chance against. Let’s do this, Bears buddies!

I think this might be one of those big Justin Jefferson games

I just watched UDFA rookie Jaylon Jones train about 5 yards behind him in man coverage. If that is any part of the Bears plan to stop him, I’m a little worried.

First drive motivation for the Bears offense

The defense gave the offense a spark by making sure they started the game 7 points behind with some extra pressure to score. This was the first touchdown the Bears defense gave up on an opening drive this season—which opens this game up to all kinds of other season firsts. Perhaps a 300 yard passing game?

Update: Since the offense didn’t get the message that motivation was meant to lead to touchdowns and not field goals, the defense added to the motivation bucket on the second drive, making it clearer that the Bears wouldn’t be getting anywhere playing for field goals against elite QB play.

Sam Mustiphergot that twitter benched him

Despite twitter begging for Sam Mustipher to be replaced and even hypothesizing that the Bears silence on the final lineup was a sign that the below-average starter would be benched. Not so fast, Twitter! Coaches seem to love this Bear. Maybe it’s time for us to give in and embrace him for what he is: often competent, sometimes a liability, but always a Bear.

Eberflus out-Nagys Nagy with play one

I’ll take your delay of game after a time-out and raise you a delay of game on the first play of the game. Flus establishing dominance over the old coach at his own game. Respect.

Fields not looking sharp on first drive throws

He underthrew a would-be touchdown to Mooney and gave a non-perfect throw to Dante Pettis when everyone knows Pettis prefers to catch perfectly-thrown balls. These misses should give him even more motivation for drive two!

Update: Fields is continuing to get his bad throws out of the way early. Perhaps the worst part is he through another slightly-imperfect pass to Dante Pettis after I reminded him to make sure Dante’s passes are perfect. Ughhhh.

People like to make fun of Kirk Cousins

But did you ever consider that all the time he doesn’t waste improving his personality he spends improving his game? The guy is slinging it today. Probably the top QB in the NFC North right now.

Update: As I write this, Cousins has completed 17 straight passes, and I have no reason to believe he will ever throw another incompletion.

Remember in the pre-season when this team looked disciplined?

It seemed like this regime had really established a new culture, and we’d at least see a more disciplined team, even if the roster was a little rough. Starting each offensive drive off with a penalty is kind of killing that vibe for me. Maybe the team is just overwhelmed by installing a new offense, and everyone is uncomfortable? I suppose that’s better if they eventually figure it out before Justin Fields implodes.

Almost a cool play by Josh Blackwell

The young gunner has looked good on special teams so far, and he almost pinned a Gillotine drop on the one yard line, but the ball defied physics and reversed direction to roll back towards and ultimately into the end zone. I predict this almost-cool play will be the highlight of the game for our bumbling Bears.

Update: I am pleased to inform you that I was wrong. This was not the highlight of the game for our Beloved!

Bears defense gets their first stop

At 2 minutes left in the half and down 21 to 3, the Bears stopped the Minnesota Vikings defense for the first time. Can anyone say momentum shift...????

Fields to Mooney, Fields to Mooney! Moon Bear unlocked!

I was right! Momentum shift. Fields through a deep ball, and Darnell Mooney extended to make the best catch in NFL history and future on the Bears first play after the stop. The defense was wrong about the best way to light a spark under the offense. It was a stop, after all.

David Montgomery is a superhero!

He got his touchdown on an impressive 3rd and 8 run after coming back from a suspected season-ending injury with only a week off. Running on 3rd and long is so smart, and I’ve never doubted that. This Bear can run through anything.

Third and 10 conversion to Cole Kmet?

What is this, the pre-season?? I’ll take it!

Fields’ best drive all game ends with a Velus Jones Jr. sighting

If this had been the first drive of the Bears season, I would be so excited right now. F it. I’m so excited anyway! This is what our future looks like. Ignore the failed 2 point conversion. The Bears franchise changed when the defense did the impossible and stopped godlike signal-caller Kirk Cousins late in the 2nd quarter on October 9th, 2022, and the NFL was never the same again.

May as well onside kick it against the Vikings

Smart actually. You’re not likely to stop Kirk Cousins anyway. Should do this every time.

Update: The Vikings didn’t even score. The Bears ended up blocking a field goal and got the ball back with good field position anyway. Classic Flus.

What dumbo defense doesn’t spy Justin Fields on 4th and 4?

Love the call from Flus, by the way. The Vikings are reeling. You gotta go for the throat.

Kyler Gordon mixing in some good plays

His struggles are well known, but he forced a 4th down in the 4th quarter with back to back short yardage open field tackles on tight ends. The Vikings ended up converting, but it was still a nice moment for the developing young Bear.

Kirkarus flew too close to the sun...

And threw the ball too close to Kindle Vildor, who got his first career interception and set the Bears up to take the lead for the first time in the game. No doubt they would take the lead and never give it back.

Vikings sleeper agent keeps Fields from getting credit for one of the most athletic quarterback plays of the season

I was surprised when the Vikings waived second year receiver Ihmir Smith-Marsette, who was a 5th round pick just last year and looks to have potential as a deep threat. It was clearly a trojan horse long plan to tempt the Bears to pick him up and put him in position to make a block in the back that wouldn’t affect the play and bring the ball back on a 30+ yard Fields touchdown run. Kwesi Adofo-Mensah is playing 6D chess, and it has me worried.

Update: Smith-Marsette proved my theory correct when instead of running out of bounds, he handed the ball to the Vikings to secure the Bears loss on the final drive of the game.

We saw a Bears team rally after one of the most discouraging starts you can have. We saw some of the best play from Justin Fields this season. We saw the Bears rookie 3rd round receiver get his first catch and first touchdown after predicting it and willing it to happen, suggesting he possesses magic powers with worth well beyond what you usually get from a 3rd rounder. We saw the Bears come close to winning a game after falling into a 21 to 3 deficit. We helped the Vikings stay on top of the Packers in the NFC North.

This was a good game for a rebuilding team.