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Is Justin Fields a top 10 quarterback?

The league’s website has the QB1 listed in their top ten this week!

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Each week Marc Sessler, the Around the NFL Writer for, puts out his QB Index, which is his ranking of all 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL, and back when this list started before week one he had Chicago Bears’ Justin Fields at number 25.

After the Bears' opening season win Fields moved up to 22. He dropped to 28 the next week, then he fell to dead last after Chicago’s win against the Texans.

But since that time his stock has trended up. He moved up to 30, then 29 the next two weeks, before hitting 23 after Chicago’s win in New England, and now he’s all the way up to number 10 following his record-setting performance against the Dolphins.

Here’s what had about Fields.

Fields started the season nestled at the bottom of this list. The lost-puppy look has been wiped off his face as the second-year starter emerges as one of the game’s more exciting player-development tales. Chicago play-caller Luke Getsy deserves Nick Sirianni-level credit for this midseason reshaping of the Bears’ offense into the league’s nastiest ground attack, with Fields at the forefront. He’s the league’s 11th-leading rusher, having fried another victim Sunday with his 61-yard scoring blast against the Dolphins. He’s also grown as a passer over the past few weeks. His targets are loving it, but scrambled defenses are not, forced to account for the threat of him taking off into space. Mike McDaniel quipped after the game, explaining why he told Fields to “stop it” with the footraces. “I just wanted him to stop scrambling, and it was pretty irritating ‘cause he didn’t listen at all.”

The Bears with a top 10 quarterback on any kind of list is a rare occurrence, but the numbers dictate he belongs in this stratosphere. As a runner, he’s setting records and has the 11th most yards in the league, but his efficiency as a passer has been improving as well. I know his overall passing yards aren’t sexy, he simply hasn’t passed very much in comparison to his peers, but a closer look at some numbers is needed.

In the last 5 games he is flirting with a triple-digit passer rating (99.7), while completing 63.3% of his passes for 851 yards, 8 TDs, and 2 Ints. If he keeps this up he could remain in the top 10 throughout the entire season.