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Making Monsters: The Cole Kmet breakout game!

Taylor and Ryan take a closer look at Bears tight end Cole Kmet with some help from a couple of people that know him from his high school and college days.

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

This week’s Making Monsters from Taylor Doll and Dylan Ryan has a Fighting Irish feel to it as they speak with Darin Pritchett, who talks Notre Dame football on South Bend’s WSBT. Darin spends plenty of time talking about his time covering Cole Kmet’s career, but with Chase Claypool now on the Chicago Bears, you know Taylor and Dylan had to get in a few questions about Chicago's new wide out.

They also spoke with Kmet’s High School Coach at St. Viator, David Archibald, to get even more in-depth about Chicago’s number one tight end.

  • Taylor and Dylan kick off their show by reliving that shoot-out against the Dolphins.
  • Coach Archibald is up next.
  • WSBT’s Darin Pritchett dives into Kmet with a little Claypool too.
  • They wrap up by previewing Bears vs Lions.

This week’s Making Monsters is a must-listen.

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