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Bear Bones: A Chat with Dr. Michael Risher About Justin Fields’ Training

We spoke with Justin Fields’ trainer for an inside look at the QB1.

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Dr. Michael Risher is a Chiropractor, who specializes in sports performance, and he’s the owner of The Rehab Lab, located inside the Bucktown CrossFit in Chicago at 2577 W. Armitage Avenue, and he also works with several Chicago Bears, including Justin Fields.

Dr. Risher was a guest on a special Bear Bones this week with our own doctor, Mason West, and he spoke about how he trains the players to ensure they stay ready for the physical nature of the game of football. It’s also a fascinating in-depth look at the QB1 away from the field.

You can follow Dr. Risher on Instagram at dr.michaelrisher or on Twitter @DrRisher.

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