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Holmes: Justin Fields has taken off like a rocket

Laurence Holmes joins the Bears Banter Podcast

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

The Chicago Bears feel like the Sharknado movies. They are terrible, but it’s still entertaining to watch them (thanks to Justin Fields). We talk about the juxtaposition of Fields’ fantastic performances even though the team has lost 6 of 7.

Laurence Holmes from The Score joins the podcast to discuss Fields’ great play, the team’s struggles and how the Chicago media has covered Justin Fields over this stretch.

Holmes loves what he sees from Fields and has enjoyed him “taking off like a rocket” but we also dove into how the local media has covered Fields and seemingly been overly critical of him.

“I think it has to do with the fact that the team itself is so bad, that you are trying to get to the next thing and figure out what else can he do,” Holmes said.

What else can Fields do? It’ll be a fun final 7 games to watch. Check out the podcast below!

You can also check out the video segment with the Holmes interview right here.