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WCG Sunday Livestream: NFL Week 11 - Bears Vs Falcons

The Bears dropped their third in a row last week.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning Bears fans. While I can appreciate that the Chicago Bears now have an offense, I’m kind of getting annoyed by the last-minute... some will call it “finding a way to lose,” but it’s more of a team that isn’t good enough overall to cover their miscues, real or imagined or uncalled.

Most of it just simply ties to the Bears not having long-term offensive or defensive talent on the roster. The Bears have done a fantastic job offensively the last four weeks finding ways to move the ball and put it in the end zone (and about 80% of that is Justin Fields), but scoring 30 points per game should be at least three wins in that stretch, if not four.

Part of that is a defense that is pretty much toothless in pass rush and playmaking, and part of it last week was Fields’ first very significant mistake over the last approximately six weeks.

That being said, the Bears’ offense has been able to keep up, or even jump in front, of every touchdown allowed the last several weeks (Cowboys game aside). We thought this team had a razor-thin margin when they were playing well defensively and hardly scoring on offense; it’s amazing how having an offense makes things that much more competitive, though that margin is still incredibly thin.

Now it’s the Atlanta Falcons on the docket, and if last week’s game showed anything, it’s that no win will come easy to this Bears team, even a Bears team going up two scores.

The Falcons may not be an offensive juggernaut, but they do show four guys with at least 300 rushing yards on the season including Marcus Mariota, whose 347 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns constitute a not-insignificant portion of that. Sounds like fun for a team that’s allowed the most rushing touchdowns in the NFL.

For this iteration of the Navy and Orange to win, they need a defensive leader to step up in the front seven and make the plays that have been sorely lacking all season. Last week, Jack Sanborn could have been that guy with his 12 tackle (9 solo, 3 assisted), 2 sack and shoulda-been-a-pick performance.

Onward to righting the ship. Bear Down, my friends.

The WCG Sunday Livestream is now accepting nominations for the new airhorn player after Sanborn may have played himself out of that designation last week. Also, we have to discuss a loss to the Lions. That’s not a great feeling.

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We’ll be live at 9:30 AM CT - see you then...

Scheduling Note: Now we’re in that fun part of November and December where the schedule gets janky, but we have a much better handle on this year’s than last. We are off the next two Sundays for Thanksgiving travel day/my first anniversary and for attending a certain football game on a certain first Sunday in December against a certain team wearing green and yellow (Off Nov 27/Off Dec 4). We will be on for a special WCGSL during the week leading up to Bears/Packers, official day to be announced.