Would It Matter if We Win Out ?

Boy, that would be the biggest surprise in The National Football League, if we managed to do that. As our history with the teams we have to face to finish the schedule are not easy wins.

The Atlanta Falcons we meet today wont be a pushover, but there is the opportunity to come away with a win. It could be on the shoulders of our defense to do that, and it could be with a non penalty take away and pick 6.

Justin Fields may have chip on his shoulder, due to him not being selected by Atlanta in the draft!

The next week we play The New York Jets. Now this could be a opportunity to take them out of the playoff consideration if we did get a win at The Meadowlands. They are not the team they thought they were. The Patriots game could be the whitewash they didn't want, and could be showing cracks in their plays. There is a chance we could come away with the win.

The Green Bay Packers will show up at Soldier Field and try to overcome Fields and our offense. They may collapse and roll over due to their QB bad plays. They may even sit Rodgers and see what they have in Love,( can't see that really). Paying a player something like 50 million a season isn't a good thing when he is getting older and fatigue could be overcoming him, I hope.

After the bye week we get to play Philadelphia. They suffered their first loss against The Ron Rivera led Commanders. I mentioned "RiverBoat" because maybe we should have kept him on our staff.

Eagles have shown their weakness and a lot of their flaws will be attacked by good coaching staff. We have a coach who actually changes the way we look and respond against different game plans. At home gives us a very good advantage to maybe get a chance to kick the field goal without any doink!

Buffalo are a team we don't actually play very well against. It's in our history of the game. Even Walter didn't actually get many yards against, but again it's at home and we have nothing to lose so just go for it Justin. Make them long throws that can upset any team.

Detroit at Soldier Field hasn't been a for sure win for Chicago. They are a fighting rom behind team and we need to score more than we did against them at Soldier Field. 1 Point is all it takes so we could score a lot more than we did in our first meeting. Yes we can do that. We will have to run the football more and keep Goiff of the field.

Minnesota Vikings have been kryptonite for close scoring games against them. We, again need to score more and Kirk Cousins is their weakness. We need to get to him and make it uncomfortable in the pocket. Maybe we gat a pick six that takes us in for a win.

It's possible, but fans want a better draft pick this year, and I can't blame them for that. I would just like to give The League a shock, and maybe make the wildcard play off team. Playoff games are totally different than scheduled games, and it would give the players we have an opportunity to have that experience before next season as that's where we are heading. But not a wildcard team.

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.