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Bears offense takes a step-back in fun-deficient loss to Falcons

The Bears counted their Falcons before they roost, losing a close game in Atlanta

NFL: Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons
Justin Fields legs had a little less magic this week.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Two rebuilding teams. Two trampling run offenses. One top 10 fantasy tight end. Kyle Pitts. One ascending second-year quarterback. One descending retread.

Should be a good game.

Box Score


The Chicago Bears got one of their penalties out with a Justin Jones neutral zone infraction that gave the Atlanta Falcons a first down. Hopefully helps tide over the flag-hungry refs and prevents a game-swinging penalty later.

Tyler Allgeier v Jack Sanborn round one goes to the Falcon

Everyone has been circling this matchup between two all star rookies on their calendars. In the Falcons first drive, Allgeier evaded a Sanborn tackle on a run that reached the second levle, and followed up by stonewalling Sanborn on a blitz. The former cougar gets the first round, but the fight isn’t over.

Velus Jones Jr. is back, baby!

OK, maybe he was never a thing in the NFL, but he’s been a star in my mind since the day he was drafted. He showed off the elite speed, vision, and evasion that made the Bears so excited to draft him on his first kick return.

Riley Reiff with an elite pass break up

The one thing Justin Fields could improve in his game is throwing the ball at opponents helmets. It’s funny, and a real morale booster if he gets away with it, but the results are too unpredictable. One such throw in the Bears first drive bounced off a Falcon noggin high into the air and into Grady Jarrett’s hands before the savvy vet Reiff knocked it out.

Nicholas Morrow should borrow Mooney’s jugs machine

Darnell Mooney isn’t having any trouble pawing in touchdown passes, no doubt because of his fames love for jugs machines. Morrow on the other hand, dropped a potential interception that bounced right off his biscuit-grabbers. I’m sure he was disoriented when Drake London pushed him into the path of the ball, but that’s what the jugs reps are for. Make that ball grabbing automatic!

A falling Falcon pulled Moon Bear back on the Fields “overthrown”

I don’t care about the missed call. I just don’t want to hear anyone say Fields is inaccurate because of this play, Mooney was slowed by dirty birdy tactics and that threw off the timing. Fields remains perfect. I will not be taking questions.

Stop it, Lorenzo Carter

The feisty Falcon speed rusher single-handedly ended the Bears 3rd drive by hitting Fields too fast on a screen, scaring Sam Mustipher into a false start, and then breaking through for a sack on third and long.

Cole Kmet, best tight end in this game?

Sure looked like it while he was one-handing a second-quarter catch through contact. This Bear is really hitting his stride. I almost feel bad for thinking he was bad when he was playing bad. My bad.

Tristan adding some flows to the ebbs

Rookie running back Tristan Ebner didn’t have much success before this game, but got some more opportunity with Khalil Herbert out and was able to turn it into some positive gains. He’s obviously a downgrade from Herbie, but he looked a lot more serviceable in his snaps this week!

Cordarrelle and Damiere revenge game

I thought for a minute Cordarrelle Patterson might be a Bears sleeper agent when he fumbled the ball in the second quarter, but he responded on his next touch with a kick-off return touchdown to rudely break former Bear-turned-Falcon Devin Hester’s record against the should-be-hall-of-fame returner’s team or record. Damiere Byrd was clearly inspired to get in on the revenge against his former team, catching a crucial 3rd down conversion that brought the Falcons into field goal territory to tie the game up at the end of the half.

Mycal Walker seems like a nice guy

The Falcons linebacker helped Darnell Mooney up off the ground after a tackle on a jet sweep. I appreciate that attitude. No need to be rude when the play is over.

Update: Walker swatted Justin Fields pass down on the next play. What a @$%#.

This may not be the get right game for the Bears passing offense I was hoping for

Turns out it was a get right game for the Falcons defensive line. Sometimes it feels like this Bears o line gets beat too easily and their receivers don’t look very open. I’m probably misunderstanding.

Falcons backfield, meet Kyler Gordon

The rookie corner attacked the Atlanta behind the line of scrimmage today, cashing in with a sack and a tackle for loss against the frequently-flightless Falcon offense. The young Bear has been up and down this season but today he was up to the task of bringing birdies down.

Third quarter the golden turd quarter

The Falcons scored two dumb touchdowns and the Bears scored zero because they were too busy collecting penalties and sacks.

David Montgomery, deep ball receiver

This beautiful Bear had over 100 yards rushing and catching tonight, the most impressive being a perfect over the shoulder catch after beating Lorenzo Carter deep on a wheel route. When Khalil Herbert comes back, Monty could always just switch over to WR1.

Justin Fields haunches need a rest

This poor Bear has been carrying this offense to lots of points and no wins for too many weeks. Save those haunchies for the postseason!

Not sure that 1 yard designed run was worth it

There was minima potential benefit at that point and it hurt his shoulder.

The Bears looked like a mediocre team playing a mediocre team today. This is not surprising but it’s also not very fun. Hopefully they are just saving their best game for the Packers.