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2023 NFL Draft Order: Bears currently at 3rd overall

The Chicago Bears may still be technically alive for a playoff spot in the NFC, but realistically this franchise’s postseason eggs are in the draft basket.

NFL: NFL Draft Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

After a 27-24 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, the Chicago Bears have fallen to 3-8 on the 2022 season. Sure, they could win out and move their record to 9-8 and potentially make the playoffs. Heck, the NFC is so weak that they could finish 5-1 down the stretch and 8-9 still could potentially be enough, but we are realists here, aren’t we?

With the loss to Atlanta, it’s time to really start looking ahead to 2023. We all know Ryan Poles has piles of money to work with during free agency in March, but we know how important finding impact players is going to be when it comes time for the NFL Draft in April.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Bears sat outside the top ten with their draft selection, but after the last couple of games, they have moved significantly up the board. With their record at 3-8, the Bears currently hold the 3rd overall pick in the draft this coming April. The 1-8-1 Houston Texans have the top pick and the Carolina Panthers, who are also 3-8, would currently pick second.

The tiebreaker in the NFL draft is strength of schedule and Carolina’s schedule strength is weaker than Chicago’s, thus the higher selection.

Keep in mind this can still change drastically over the last six games of the season. Teams selecting fourth through ninth all have 3 wins as well, but due to bye weeks, those teams all have seven losses compared to Chicago and Carolina’s eight.

Key remaining “tank” games: Week 13 vs 4-7 Green Bay Packers, Week 17 at 4-6 Detroit Lions