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That’s my quarterback.

We haven’t heard from the Superfans in a while, but this nugget about Justin Fields brought them back to WCG.

NFL: NOV 20 Bears at Falcons Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Very few things bring a tear to my eye these days, but when I saw these back-to-back tweets fired out from Albert Breer about what transpired in the Chicago Bears’ postgame locker room following their 27 to 24 defeat from the Falcons, I stopped to collect my thoughts.

I don’t spend much time Twittering, but I can get down with this type of Bears news.

Justin Skyler Fields has been the entire Chicago offense for weeks, but when an unfortunate miscue late in the game ended their chances, Fields took ownership and was accountable to his team.

That man who has been sacked 40 times and hit while passing 25 more went in front of the players and apologized for not getting it done.

That man who has run the ball 122 times for 834 yards said sorry to his teammates for not doing more.

That man who played through leg cramps and an injured shoulder in Atlanta gathered the troops and was apologetic.

And that’s why that man is my quarterback.