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A ragtag crew of wounded Bears fail to paw down high-flying Jets

The Bears showed up with a depleted crew and showed out like a depleted crew in this week’s losing effort.

NFL: Chicago Bears at New York Jets
This new Bear is starting to make some plays!

Justin Fields is hurt. Jaquon Brisker and Kyler Gordon are concussion cousins. Khalil Herbert is still on IR and, most importantly, Lucas Patrick’s toe injury has him out for the season. This was set up to be a rough game against one of the league’s best defenses and an offense that was only held back by a now-benched quarterback.

But Bears will be Bears, and our furry friends are just as likely to win a game they should lose as they are to lose a game they should win.

Or so I tell myself.

Here’s the box score!

Mike White 6/7 and a touchdown on the first drive

Seems about right. Bears defense should get plenty of practice in exercising mental toughness this game.

Update: the great white shark continued to cut through the Bears defense like snorkler limbs.

One nice thing about Khalil Herbert being out is nobody can forget how good a Bear Montgomery is

This Bear was central to the Bears first drive, making a crucial third down conversion on a 26 yard reception. His receiving ability is quickly becoming a stable of this explosive Bears offense. More wildcat snaps to Monty until Fields is back, please!

Bear bones defense gets a stop!

Whoopsie-Jets. Bears are now on track to take the lead and never give it back.

Update: The Bears gave it back.

Oh hey, Claypool

Chase Claypool pulled in a contested 31 yard dee ball with one of the best defenders in the league PI-ing him. That’s what we brought this man to Chicago to do, and I love to see it. I’ll love it more when I see it multiple times a game from Justin Fields’ precise-passing paw.

A special teams double fumble ultimately recovered by the Bears is just what the doctor ordered in a rainy Sunday backup bowl

What a delightfully sloppy and chaotic play to be ruined by a dumb referee call, which made it a simple incomplete pass and turnover on downs. It’s official. Refs hate fun.

Get well soon, Eddie Jackson

The all pro Bear has been having an amazing resurgent year and has been a lynchpin of the Bears struggling defense. He went down with a worrisome non-contact injury on the Jets terrible turf in the 2nd quarter. I pray it’s just a boo boo or at worst an owie.

Trevor Siemian vs Justin Fields in-depth analysis

Trevor seems to be better at throwing screen passes and check down passes to running backs. Justin Fields seems to be better moving the ball forward, scoring points, and more or less everything else. Call it a wash.

Update: Siemian is also better at diving out of bounds short of the yard to gain. This may be the tiebreaker in his favor?

Jack Sanborn continues to stack good games

The young backer had 11 tackles in the first half alone. I suppose it helps that they’re nobody else healthy on defense, but the young bear is certainly looking the part.

Always nice to see a big 96 getting a sack

You wouldn’t say Arman Watts has filled Akiem Hicks shoes after taking his number this season, but that’s partly because Hicks meaty paws never needed shoes start with. He did look good getting the Bears their first sack of the game in a fun little smoshdown of Jets backup/upgrade quarterback Mike White.

You’d think the Bears might change their offensive play calling with Siemian at QB

But at least they’ll never change their love of running up the middle on 2nd and 17. That beautiful call netted the Bears 4 yards and an eventual 4th and 13 for our Beloved Bears.

Get well soon, Moon Bear!

The Bears top receiver went down with an ankle injury in the 3rd quarter while heroically blocking for David Montgomery on a 14 yard run that shepherded the Bears from the shadow of their own end zone.

The announcers made a point I’d never heard before

According to insightful announcers Daryl Johnston and Joe Davis, to win in the NFL you have to win from the pocket? I haven’t had a chance to fact check this because as I said this is the first time I’ve heard it, but now I’m worried this might be a problem for Justin Fields who sometimes throws the ball from outside the pocket or even leaves to pocket to run the ball. Can anyone confirm!??

Update: These announcers also said the Jets have found their guy in Mike White. I should watch with the sound on more often. I’m learning so much.

I’m starting to think this might not be the Bears year.