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Hot Take Tuesday: Hot Garbage!

The Incoherent Rantings of a Belligerent Bears fan.

Chicago Bears v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

I think Sunday in New Jersey about summed up the Chicago Bears 2022 season. I mean, let’s be honest here folks, the parade of doofus NFL pundits that want to talk about how Justin Fields is a running back or Justin Fields can’t throw in the 4th quarter or just general criticisms about the young QB1 were proven to all be doofuses on Sunday.

Your 2022 Chicago Bears without Justin Fields just got completely leveled by a New York Jets team playing a career backup who was their 3rd QB when the season opened. More so, it wasn’t even surprising. Did any of you expect a good showing by the Bears? I sure didn’t. This team is devoid of talent. They have so many holes on their roster that a slice of swiss cheese looks rock solid. Their depth is about as shallow as a 1980s valley girl.

The Bears stink, and the fact that they had an offense scoring 30 points a game and they were competitive in these games was because of one man, and that man is Justin Fields. I’m surprised Fields hadn’t hurt his back prior to the shoulder issue since he’s been carrying the team all season. The offensive line stinks, the skill positions are substandard, the defensive line could be replaced by a blocking sled and be just as effective, and a UDFA rookie linebacker has surpassed the performances of just about everyone on the rest of the defense.

So thank you Justin Fields for making this team watchable. Part of me wants to see you embarrass the Green Bay Packers, but we, as intelligent Bears fans, understand that it may be best for you to rest one more week. I mean, look, I’m dreading Aaron Rodgers. I think we could amputate his right arm and he’d still throw for 275 yards and 3 touchdowns against the beloved.

Back to these so-called NFL pundits for a moment, I think it’s quite hysterical how the Bears can’t succeed with this offense because they don’t pass enough. Fine. Let’s run with that for a minute shall we? Trevor Siemian, for his career, averages just over 200 yards passing per game. That’s what everyone wanted to see out of Fields, right? 200 passing yards? Well, with this stellar squad, Siemian piled up 179 yards passing, the Bears highest total since week 6! So that’s all the offense needed, except for the fact that they gained 292 yards of offense and scored 10 points, which was their lowest total since… week six! That fixed everything. Hard eye roll.

The only thing that Sunday’s game against the Jets proved is just how much work Ryan Poles has to do this coming March and April.

Oh and Darnell Mooney and Eddie Jackson are out for the year, so that’s great. If Justin Fields isn’t playing, the most exciting player on the Bears is probably Jack Sanborn. That’s where we’re at. Excuse me while I stick my head in the sand and pretend the Bears aren’t about to be pummeled by Aaron Rodgers one more time.

Quick Hits

  • I miss Justin Fields.
  • Mike White proved that Zach Wilson ain’t it.
  • Darrynton Evans proved that Trestan Ebner ain’t it.
  • Larry Borom ain’t it either.
  • He had a nice start to the season, but Poles needs to look for a new left guard in 2023, Cody Whitehair ain’t it (anymore).
  • Kindle Vildor is also following the Cody Whitehair performance plan for 2022.
  • DeAndre Houston-Carson is one of the best role players the Bears have had in some time.
  • If Justin Fields is out, let’s see what Alex Leatherwood can do out there.
  • Teven Jenkins must work at IHOP because all he does is deliver pancakes.
  • I miss Justin Fields.