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WCG Sunday Livestream: Week 9 - Bears Vs Dolphins

The game against the Cowboys on Sunday might have been the least-notable Bears event in the last two weeks.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Did anything happen in the last two weeks?

After a trade deadline that saw the departures of Roquan Smith and Robert Quinn, the tank was on, the Bears were stripping out the defense to drop the team’s record further and stock up for the 2023 draft - and then the Chase Claypool trade happened.

Claypool himself won’t be up to full capacity today (between ten and thirty snaps, depending on the number of offensive plays), but he adds a dimension to this receiving room that has been sorely lacking.

Does anybody remember the Chicago Bears lost to the Dallas Cowboys by 20 points on Sunday? It’s fair to say that might be the least notable thing that happened in the last two weeks.

As far as the actual game against the Miami Dolphins that takes place today, the trades of Smith and Quinn sting, especially against an offense where pressure and pass coverage are sorely needed.

But if Claypool makes an immediate impact in his limited snaps and a new leader steps up for the defense of the Navy and Orange among the young guys in the front seven, this one could be closer than we think.

Onward to a truer, more productive NFL offense? Bear Down, my friends.

Today’s WCG Sunday Livestream has completed a trade of its own, as hopefully we’ve traded the audio issues we had last week for a better-sounding, more productive WCGSL to match a better-sounding, more productive Bears offense.

There’s a lot to get to and only two hours to get to it, so, if you want to contribute to the show today, here’s how you do it:

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We’ll see you all at 9:30 AM CT for the start of the show. Don’t forget the time change...