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NFL admits they screwed the Bears against Miami

It doesn’t matter now, but it’s nice that the truth came out.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Chicago Bears Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

There were two potentially game-altering plays in the Chicago Bears' game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, November 6, and both were sent to the league office by the Bears for review. Earlier today, Alex Shapiro from NBC Sports Chicago Tweeted, "according to a team source, the league said officials missed on two big penalties."

At 11:30 in the fourth quarter, Chicago safety Eddie Jackson was flagged for a defensive pass interference after this play.

At his Monday press conference, head coach Matt Eberflus said he "thought Eddie played that really nice" and added, "I can't really coach him up any better on that."

The NFL agreed with him, per Shapiro's source.

The second play the league admitted fault on came with just 1:35 remaining, and there should have been a flag for this play.

"Obviously, the whole stadium saw the tug and all that before the ball came in there, so that's what our opinion is," coach Eberflus said on Monday about the no-call.

That was a clear pass interference on Chase Claypool that the Dolphins got away with, and it would have put the Bears well within Cairo Santos' field goal range with them down three points.

There's no guarantee that the Bears would have tied the game or even gone on to win the game, but I sure would have liked to have seen Justin Fields with a chance to complete the comeback.

The NFL did allow pass interference to be reviewable a couple of years ago, but it was a one-year experiment that didn't have enough support to stay. They also considered a Sky Judge review system, but that never passed with the league either.

Do you think the NFL should revisit the ability for these types of players to be reviewed?