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WCGSL: NFL Week 13 - Bears Vs Packers

There’s a lot to break down about the last two games, and with Packers week upon us, why wait till Sunday?

NFL: Chicago Bears at New York Jets Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening. No, it’s not Sunday, but it’s the same show all the same.

For the last few weeks it’s been the same show - lots of scoring, good offense by the Chicago Bears, and an absolute gong show on defense that forces an already-tapped out Bears offense to try to get it done one more time but something catastrophic ends the game.

Until, of course, last week, when that something catastrophic was Justin Fields hitting the inactive list and Trevor Siemien eventually got the start.

The Green Bay Packers come to town next and after Aaron Rodgers left last week’s game, the Packers could have let Rodgers rest and start Jordan Love. But given the choice between resting and playing the Bears defense, Rodgers of course said he could play.

This week the WCGSL will be off on Sunday for... circumstances involving a vehicle, Lake Shore Drive, and a stadium commonly known as Soldier Field, but we couldn’t dare pass up Packers Week. So tonight we’ll spend a couple hours with the best Bears fans on the planet. Of course, if you want to contribute, here’s how you do it:

  • Down here in the comments of this thread.
  • Over on Twitch itself.
  • Over on our Twitters. @SJS_illini. @SamHouseholder. @WCGridiron.
  • And NEW: Now on Hive @sjsillini!

We’ll be live at 7 PM CT/8 PM ET, and we’ll stay with you for a couple hours. See you then...

EDIT: Here is the VOD from Thursday’s livestream. A reminder that this was recorded on Thursday, so anything from the last three days has not made it in. And of course, Bear Down, my friends.