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Confidence in the Bears takes a bye-week dip

Our Reacts confidence results in the Chicago Bears’ franchise fell during the bye week.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the confidence from our fanbase went up after watching the Chicago Bears drop a game to the rival Green Bay Packers. It was unexpected, but it told me that many of us had the big picture in mind when voting, and we truly were looking forward to the NFL Draft and the $100 million-plus that general manager Ryan Poles would have to bolster his roster.

But then the bye week happened, and there must have been some angst that built up in some of you guys because we lost ten percentage points in this week's SB Nation Reacts poll.

Maybe some are resigned to the fate that a big loss is on the horizon against the NFC's best Philadelphia Eagles. Perhaps they're anticipating a brutal beatdown from the AFC's top team, the Buffalo Bills, the following week.

Maybe they had some Packer fans needling them over the bye, or it’s possible they're just sick of the six-game losing streak.

Regardless, having 76% of our fans still confident in where this franchise is heading is damn good, considering the Bears are (3-10) and staring at underdog odds in each of their four remaining contests.

My guess is if Justin Fields balls out on Sunday, even if they lose, we'll see a spike up in next week's poll.

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