The Value of A First Round Pick

The value in the first draft round is all on the choice of the General Manager, Head Coach and The Scouts, probably in that order.

Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus and regional scouts have the pressure of the 2023 NFL draft first round. It's pick or if they are offered a trade by another franchise.

Number 2 pick is where we are sitting at this present moment in time 12/19/2022 after last nights game (this could change). If we are able to get a very good trade and just drop slightly lower, we could very well choose a player we still have on our list. I do not know who they have in mind, or on the list they may have. Let's look at the rebuild for the team that went to The SuperBowl we managed to win.


I am starting with a 4th pick in the first round 1975, we picked future HOF Walter Payton. I decided to start with Walter due to his impact on all teamates he would play with in the coming years..

With the 4th pick Chicago Bears pick Defensive End Dan Hampton-1979.

With the 5th pick we pick Quarter Back Jim McMahon - 1982

With the 6th pick we pick Offensive Tackle Jimbo Covert - 1983

With the 18th pick we pick Wide Receiver Willie Gault 1983

With the 11th pick we pick Outside LineBacker Wilbur Marshall - 1984

With the 22nd pick we pick Defensive Tackle William Perry - 1985.

An outstanding rebuild with the top of the athletes coming out of college. And positions that needed the BPA, on Chicago Bears team. That is what,s needed around Justin Fields. If we cannot move the football the way we need to on offense, we turn to the defense to put us in a position were we can make a score.

We have to have, not only a very good O line, (That could take another season to become a top security line). You very rarely pick rookie O line men that can start straight away. It is or could be a learning curve, even though you have played very good in college.

We need a pass rushing system that works with who we manage to get in the draft or trade. When we drafted Brian Urlacher 1st round , pick 9th, Year 2000 he was a player you could build around. We managed to get Charles Tillman CB/Safety, then Lance Briggs OLB , this squad was also a SuperBowl team 2006.

This draft, I believe has some very good talented Defensive players, Will Anderson, Jalen Carter. I don't manage to be able to watch college games here in England, so I am quoting what other pundits have chosen for top ten first round choices.

It all rides on how our front office wish to pick, and how to pick them. Trading down for more picks and choosing who you want and think will be the future is a really big decision. I remember the first round pick in2012, Shea McClellin Defensive End/Linebacker. The only thing he did for The Bears was sack Aaron Rodgers, who was injured with a broken collarbone ! .

Then later 2015, we managed to pick Kevin White first round 7th pick Wide Receiver, bigger than any other bust, due to injuries !

Then Leonard Floyd 2016, we traded to LA Rams, as he didn't fit and wasn't really a bust due to his play and Super Bowl win with them.

We managed to get our saviour QB Justin Fields, with the trade with LV Raiders ( 2018 and 2019 picks). Now we need to build around him. Getting top defensive players is a must, when you watch our D although playing their heart out, we have missing positional players. Our draft and getting free agent players to fill these gaps, this would change our win loss in future.

Getting quality players through the draft is a slow, but better process than Free Agency. Some players have the heart of the team when they are picked by a team. Loyalty and giving their all to Chicago was Walters passion, even though he wanted to be picked by Dallas. I want to see Poles build a team similar to what The Chiefs are . Teams don't want to play them, due to the talent they have.

Hoping we get the best there is, whatever the position or players they pick in the draft.

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